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A look at Just Flight Microsoft Flight Simulator Expansion Sets

As Impressive as Microsoft Flight Simulator has been over the years the popularity of them is not just down to the basic item itself. Lots and lots of add-ons to Flight Simulator is what has really made the series what it is. These add-ons come in various forms with varying degrees of quality. These range from the new livery that you can download for your 747 free of charge to the professional retail product that can either teach you to fly or provide you with ultra-realistic scenery. Just Flight are responsible for publishing some of the finest expansion packs you could ever wish to find for Flight Simulator.

A while ago we looked at their Train Simulator section, Just Trains, and marvelled at the exceptional expansions. Over the next week we'll look at four of their expansion packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002. We'll begin by looking at World Airports and this will be followed by GB Airports, 737-400 Greatest Airliners - Special Edition and A320 Professional. These expansion packs are just a taste of the excellent range that Just Flight offer. The professionalism in these titles is amazing and far beyond full explanation in our reviews, nevertheless we hope you enjoy them.

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