Official 1080º Avalanche Snowboard Competition


To celebrate the launch of Nintendo‚Äôs latest snowboarding game 1080° Avalanche, an official gaming championship is taking place at Xscape, the indoor snow slope, in Milton Keynes on Saturday 29th November 2003.

Thirty-two contenders from all over the UK have won a place to go board-to-board on the superb new boarding game, 1080° Avalanche, exclusive to NINTENDO GAMECUBE. The jib fest will kick off at 10.30am and everyone, even those not competing, will be given the chance to win a mountain load of Nintendo and K2 snowboarding prizes. The overall winner of the championship will also receive an exclusive Nintendo and K2 snowboard bag.

Members of the K2 pro-boarding team will also be there on the day to demonstrate their catalogue of skills and tricks on the game. 1080 Avalanche throws many obstacles in the path of players, that must be dealt with swiftly, such as cave ins, avalanches, rockslides and wandering creatures as the boarder glides down the mountain. Players must master a huge catalogue of crazy tricks to allow them to flip, spin, grab, grind and tweak their way to glory. Players can also experience a unique character-balancing system, which allows them to keep the on screen character on his or her board.

Nintendo is also giving the public a chance to play the game a week before launch. From 21st November 2003 at either Xscape, Milton Keynes or Xscape, Castleford everyone can play 1080° Avalanche on NINTENDO GAMECUBE for free.

Come down - it will be a blast!

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