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B-17 Flying Fortress - The Mighty 8th PC CD-ROM

Published by Sold Out Software
Developed by Wayward Design
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £4.99

B-17 Flying Fortress - The Mighty 8th is our second flight game in this month's Sold Out range. This time the focus is on World War II and you'll get to fly such aircraft as the B-17, the P-51 'Mustang' and the P-47 'Thunderbolt'. It's not just about flying the aircraft though and you'll get the chance to assume a variety of roles on the B-17.

The game offers plenty of action with a 25 mission campaign and historical battles. You can fly both Allied and Axis aircraft and the game allows you to plan your missions as well as take up one of ten crew positions in the B-17. The flight model doesn't seem as realistic as in more recent flight simulations (which you would expect) but on the whole it's enjoyable stuff. What I would say though is that I found the game menus ridiculously tedious to navigate as it requires two clicks of the mouse to change screen. Thank goodness this style of presenting game menus hasn't been used again.

Graphically the game is surprisingly good given that it's around 4½ years old. On our PC the frame rate was gloriously smooth and I suspect it would be on any modern day PC. There appears to be no problems for deaf gamers with all information being given in text. Stability is often a problem with flight simulations though and the game gave us a few problems. It could be the result of playing the game on modern hardware so it's difficult to be too critical about this. All in all it's a good flight simulator.


Overall Game Rating: 3.5/5

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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It may be getting on for being 5 years old but it still looks good and there hasn't been a flight game quite like it since.