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Driver PC CD-ROM

Published by Sold Out Software
Developed by Reflections
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £4.99

Last year we reviewed the awfully disappointing third title in the Driver series. Had this been the first game in the series that we had played then we would have wondered what all the hype had been about. The previous two games in the Driver series were hugely popular and here we look at the game that started it all.

Driver puts you in the shoes of the undercover cop Tanner. The main mode of the game, Undercover, sees you going undercover in an attempt to crack a crime ring. What this means for you however is that you'll get to take part in some dramatic car chases that can prove really exciting or really frustrating, depending on how good your virtual driving skills are. The game has a handful of modes but the Undercover mode is where you'll spend most of your time. There are plenty of missions to keep you busy but the action is rather repetitive and this can become annoying later in the game.

Driver has no option to enable subtitles and the cutscenes are unsubtitled. There is a minimal amount of text feedback from time to time but on the whole it's disappointing for deaf gamers. Graphically the game looks very poor by today's standards but at least you'll be able to run the game on full detail without worrying about any slowdown. The game was considered a classic in its day but time has not been kind to Driver. That said it's still a better game that Driver 3 (or DRIV3R as it's called) and if you want to play the game then £4.99 is a fair price to pay for it.


Overall Game Rating: 3.0/5

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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Playing Driver again reminded me how disappointing the third game in the series was. It's not completely deaf gamer friendly but the main problem is that you'll miss out on the cutscenes.