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Jackie Chan Adventures PlayStation 2

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment
Release Date: Out Now
Price : £39.99

At a time when games aimed at the whole family seem to be being replaced by games aimed at adults (with strong language and other strong material), it's good to see that games can still be made for the younger members of the family. As the title of the game suggests the game has been based on the children's cartoon of the same name and the look and feel of the game is just like a cartoon. Whilst the name of the game would obviously give you the idea that it's a game just for children this isn't the case at all and it's actually a solid all round action adventure.

Starring as Jackie Chan, who's an expert on ancient artifacts as well as a secret agent for the government's secret Section 13 in the cartoon and the game, you'll begin the game heading for Mexico to search for valuable talismans. Throughout the game you'll be traversing the globe with your niece in search of other talismans that are said to have the power to protect the planet from ancient Chinese demons. You're not the only one in search of these talismans though. An evil group of Ninjas known collectively as the Dark Hand, want these talismans for the evil demon Shendu. As you might expect, Jackie can make use of his Kung Fu to defeat these ninjas. Each of the talismans gives its owner a special power. Early in the game Jackie finds a talisman that gives him extreme running speed. Using a talismans power though will deplete your Chi, so you have to be careful when and where you use these abilities.

With the game being an action adventure and also being based around Jackie Chan, it's inevitable that combat is going to feature heavily in the game. With the game primarily being aimed at children the combat is straight forward and won't cause any problems. The triangle button is used to kick whilst the square button is used to punch with a block move being assigned to a circle button. The combat isn't going to cause anyone who has played a game of this nature before any problems at all and even those who don't play games very often will find the combat easy going. You'll also have to deal with puzzles too. Some puzzles in the game do require a bit of thought but most are straightforward and shouldn't cause any problems.

Visually Jackie Chan Adventures looks and feels like a cartoon. Atomic Planet went with a cel-shaded look that really works. The colours are bold and the textures simple but the visual style is very effective. The presentation is also good and it's a nice touch to see zoomed in slow motion of Jackie when he takes out the final enemy in a location. Holding down the R2 button will allow you to enter a first person mode which is useful for having a good look around. The camera is controlled with the right analogue stick and for the most part the camera causes very few problems.

Jackie Chan Adventures is fine for deaf gamers. Subtitles can be enabled and this will allow you to enjoy all of the cutscenes. The cutscenes are shown in a letterbox format with the subtitles being in the lower border which makes the text easy to read. Any conversations you have with various characters in the game are also shown in text and you'll have to press the X button to move the conversation along so it gives you all the time you need to read the text. Mission objectives are given in text and can be recalled at any time by pressing the start button. When a new objective is received a mobile phone icon will appear in the top right of the screen. Should you activate a talisman, the talisman icon (on the lower left of the screen) will glow which shows you that it's been activated (and using your Chi). Some noises (such as important ticking noises when you've activated a platform that's time limited) could have done with captions but overall it shouldn't cause deaf gamers any problems.

Jackie Chan Adventures is a good action adventure game that will primarily appeal to children but fans of action adventure games should definitely give it a look. The combat may be too easy for those who regularly play these type of games, but this is the only complaint for these gamers and with the game being aimed at children it would have been foolish to have made the combat difficult. From a presentation point of view it looks just like a cartoon and Atomic Planet have done a good job in capturing the look and feel of the children's TV show. Fans of the Jackie Chan Adventures show should definitely take a look at what is a surprisingly good game.

Overall Game Rating: 7.5/10
Jackie Chan Adventures might be primarily aimed at children but it's a good all round action adventure that should appeal to fans of the genre although seasoned gamers might find the combat a bit too easy.

Deaf Gamers comment:
No real problems for deaf gamers.