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MAX Memory PlayStation 2

Designed by Datel
Price: £29.99

Every game console that's ever been released has had an Achilles heel. In regards to the PlayStation 2 there can be little doubt that the one problem most gamers have with it is the irritatingly small memory cards. Until now you've been stuck with using the 8MB Official card. Sure there have been third party products on the market that allow you to double the capacity of your official card and indeed with the Action Replay MAX EVO Edition you could even use USB pen drives to store saves on in order to clear out some space on your memory card. To a point these solutions have worked well but none have offered the simple plug and play design of the official memory card. In fact if you've wanted this kind of simplicity (and more space to save those games of course) you haven't really had a choice; until now that is.

The new MAX Memory range of memory cards have been created to answer all of your memory card needs. Datel have created memory cards that range from the standard 8MB to a whopping 64MB (eight times the size of the official memory card). The cards have been manufactured by memory experts Toshiba and Samsung to guarantee uncompressed and 100% stable products. Theoretically then quality should not be an issue (more on that in a moment). The price of these products is also a concern of course and it's no good if they turn out to be expensive. Fortunately the price for these MAX Memory cards is exceptional and can be found below:

MAX Memory 64MB UK: £39.99, USA: $49.99
MAX Memory 32MB UK: £29.99, USA: $34.99
MAX Memory 16MB UK: £19.99, USA: $24.99

To make it even sweeter though I've been browsing around the internet and it's possible to pick up the 16MB card for only £12.99 and the 64MB for only £29.99 which is outstanding.

Last week we were fortunate to receive a couple of 32MB cards from Datel and since then we've been putting them through their paces. We switched on the PlayStation 2 and went straight into the browser. A blank official PlayStation 2 memory card shows 7,982 KB free in the browser whereas our blank 32MB MAX Memory card registered a far nicer 31,998 KB free; that's just over 4 times as much and it's a serious amount of storage space for PlayStation games. Impressed by the storage space then, we decided to empty the contents of our 3 official cards onto just one of 32MB MAX Memory cards and were surprised to find around 9,000 KB of free space remaining which gives you an idea of how big these cards are.

Next came the boring part as we played all the games which we had previously saved (all saves now being on the MAX Memory card). They all opened fine and all of the games saved fine too whether it be overwriting a previous save or creating a new save. Then we played around copying saves from one card to another and deleted saves (that we'd backed up of course) and generally did every action that's possible to do with a memory card and every time the MAX Memory cards performed just like an official memory card. Finally we used the cards for a week constantly saving to them with perfect results every time. There's been no file corruption at all and no game (and yes we've tried lots of them) has refused to save or failed to recognise the cards which is excellent.

In many ways a memory card is a mundane product but it's also an essential product and most of your console games are useless without one. For years I've always been a fan of picking up the official memory card for a console because of bad experiences with third party cards corrupting important saves. In fact I even imported an official Nintendo 1019 memory card last year because I didn't want to risk buying a card that corrupted my saves. However after continuously using the 32MB MAX Memory cards for the last week or so I've been very impressed by the reliability of these cards which is equal to Sony's official PlayStation 2 memory cards. In fact it's a win, win product because it's just as reliable, much less expensive and a lot more capacious. When you have memory cards of this quality it really makes the official memory card look a bad buy and I have no hesitation in giving the Max Memory PlayStation 2 card a perfect 10/10 rating.

Overall Game Rating: 10/10

The MAX Memory cards for PlayStation 2 are absolute top quality products that make the official memory cards look very small and very expensive.

If you have any questions about the MAX Memory cards please contact Datel. We have far too many e-mails concerning these memory cards (some of which are rather abusive). WE DO NOT MAKE OR SELL THESE CARDS. THIS IS SIMPLY A REVIEW. You can contact Datel at:

Any e-mails we receive concerning these memory cards will simply be deleted. Please use the above link should you have any questions regarding the memory cards.



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