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Painkiller Black Edition PC DVD-ROM

Published by DreamCatcher Games
Developed by People Can Fly
Release Date: 18th March 2003
Price: £29.99

For those of you who haven't yet sampled the manic, no holds barred action of Painkiller and were thinking of doing so DreamCatcher are about to release a DVD Black Edition of the game that will provide you with everything you could wish for including the original game and it's just as frenzied expansion back, Battle Out of Hell. In addition to the main game and the expansion there's also a nice collection of bonus materials too to make the whole package even more tempting. We've already reviewed both Painkiller and its expansion so we'll just give a quick summary of both.

Painkiller puts you in the shoes of Daniel Garner who at start of the game is about to take his girlfriend out for a birthday meal. As they drive towards their destination at high speed, in the pouring rain, Daniel takes his eyes off the road to look at his girlfriend a bit too often and before long they plough into an oncoming vehicle. Daniel, now dead but trapped in purgatory, is told that in order to receive purification, he has to kill four of Lucifer's generals in order to prevent a war between heaven and hell. With little choice available to him Daniel accepts the task. To read our full review of Painkiller click here.

Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell
Battle Out of Hell picks up where Painkiller left off with you controlling Daniel Garner. Lucifer has been defeated but now there's a new threat, Alastor, and there's also those dozen's of Hell's minions to deal with too. There are 10 levels for you to battle through and once again you'll find yourself overwhelmed by enemies who only want to put an end to you. On the multiplayer side of things Last Man Standing and Capture the Flag have been added but these are tried and trusted modes that, whilst they are nice to have, don't really offer any kind of innovation that fans of Painkiller might have been expecting. To read our full review of Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell click here.

In addition to the original game and its expansion you'll also have a making of video, a video of the title music and a preview of the Xbox version. The only problem here though is that most of this offers nothing to deaf gamers. The making of video is not subtitled (expect for the developers Polish speech which has subtitled English text). The music video is irrelevant for deaf gamers and you could even argue that if you've just purchased this Black Edition on the PC a clip of the Xbox version of the game is also rather pointless. Also in the package are some mapping and dev tools which is great if such things appeal to you.

Painkiller Black Edition is certainly the package to go for if you haven't yet purchased Painkiller. You get all the maniacal, Deathmatch style fun of both the original game and the expansion in one neat package. However it's tough to recommend if you already own the original game and only need the expansion. The extras here are worth it if you do own the original game and it's no more deaf gamer friendly than the original release. See our original reviews of Painkiller and Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell for our rating and full comments on these.


Overall Game Rating: 7.5/10

Painkiller Black Edition is a solid purchase for those who don't have the original game but to those that did buy the original game they would be better off paying the lesser price for the Battle Out of Hell expansion.

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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The game doesn't really have any subtitles which means you'll miss out on the story. Thankfully though the story is just a thin veil for non-stop deathmatch style fun.