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Rumble Roses PlayStation 2

Published by Konami
Developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £39.99

Rumble Roses, an introduction.

Did you ever play a wrestling game and wish there had been more female wrestlers included? Well if you have then you'll be pleased to know that Konami have made Rumble Roses an all girl affair with fictitious wrestlers that all have their own unique moves and styles. We have to get one thing straight though, the game attempts to fit as much sex appeal in as possible and it detracts from what is an enjoyable wrestling experience. The characters include the red leather clad Evil Rose, the face masked Bloody Shadow and Miss Spencer who is dressed in a kinky school girls uniform, need we go on?

What's the game about?

Rumble Roses allows you to play in an Exhibition and Story mode. Exhibition gives you a choice of a normal, mad mud or title match which isn't a great deal to be honest. Story allows to play through a mini-story for each of the characters (there's 10 characters here plus an alter ego character for each of them). Like in most story modes in games of this nature each character has their rival. However the story mode in Rumble Roses is very poor and few will be interested playing them through for each character. Finally there's the gallery mode which basically allows you to play voyeur on all the ladies in the game. You can watch them fondle themselves and assume very daring positions. You can even zoom in and out and rotate the camera fully if you want to.

What's good about the game?

I know that Rumble Roses will get a lot of attention just because it involves girls and that the characters have obviously been designed to arouse but what you can't take away from the game is its solid control system (complete with taunts) and the great wrestling model that Rumble Roses has. The game was designed in conjunction with Yuke's Entertainment (a company with an impressive pedigree in creating wrestling simulations) and it's obvious that the developers of Rumble Roses were out to create a game that not only looks the part but also felt right too. If you like wrestling games you'll certainly appreciate how Rumble Roses plays. The addition of a lethal move for each character makes it interesting too.

What's not so good about the game?

The main bone of contention with Rumble Roses is in the limited number of wrestlers that have been included. Yes the included wrestlers are made up but it would still have been great if more fictitious ones had been included. The game doesn't really offer a great variety of modes either and with no online play you have to question the longevity of the game. The story mode in the game is very weak and won't keep you interested for many minutes. The fact that the game relies on sex appeal rather than having game modes of any great depth may also grate with fans of WWE games too.

How does it look?

Rumble Roses certainly looks impressive and you can't deny that Konami made every attempt to make the girls as alluring as possible and as you can see from the screenshots their skimpy outfits and poses only serve to highlight the idealistic feminine physique. Even the cutscenes feature as much boob bouncing and bum and crotch views as is practically possible. We aren't talking Dead or Alive 3 standards here but we definitely have one of the best looking wrestling games on the PlayStation 2 to date. What I would say though is that the mud wrestling doesn't look as good as it could because the mud itself looks all wrong. The mud fights actually look like they are in ankle deep weak chocolate milk. Still there's support for 60Hz which is always great to see.

How deaf gamer friendly is the game?

We've said a thousand times before that sports games aren't really that much of a problem for deaf gamers. Of course Rumble Roses has a story mode and thankfully it is subtitled. Any comments that occur during a fight are not subtitled, although this doesn't occur very often. The voice comments in the Gallery mode are not subtitled either but this won't cause any problems.

Final Thoughts.

Rumble Roses looks like it attempted to be the fetishists ideal wrestling game. Think of a lady in any kind of kinky costume and the chances are there's a character in Rumble Roses to match. The Gallery mode only serves to highlight the fact that the biggest thing Rumble Roses has to offer is it's sex appeal. Once you see past the boobs, buttocks and kinky costumes there's not a great deal here. Sure the wrestling model is a sound one and the idea of a lethal move for each character is a good one. However the modes on offer are poor. With no online play, a poor exhibition mode and an even poorer story mode it's not going to have much lasting appeal which is a crying shame because it could have been so much better.

Overall Game Rating: 5.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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The story mode is subtitled which is good but other, less important, areas are not subtitled.