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The Incredibles PlayStation 2

Published by THQ
Developed by Heavy Iron Studios
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £34.99

You can bet your bottom dollar that when a popular movie hits the silver screen there'll be a game based on the movie already waiting for you to purchase in your local games store. The Incredibles is one such movie. Created by those talented people at Pixar Animation Studios (the people who bought us classic movies such as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story) The Incredibles is an excellent movie about a family of super heroes. Potentially it's a movie that should translate to being a very enjoyable game.

Most games that are based on movies are action titles and that's exactly what we have here. The Incredibles is a third person action game that allows you to control the key characters from the movie through 19 missions. You get to control different characters for each mission and it's fairly enjoyable stuff. Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl) are the main characters but you'll also get to control others such as their children Dash and Violet. The game for the most part follows the plot of the movie and some elements are different. Of course it will help your enjoyment of the game if you've seen the movie as it will help fill in the holes in the games story as it obviously can't be as rich as the one in the movie.

Combat is an essential part of the game and it's a rather ugly part of it to be honest. The enemies are as dim-witted as they come and will simply run towards you. They are very easy to take out and the challenge comes in dealing with their quantity rather than having to use any special technique to defeat them. The game also has a fair amount of puzzles some of which are easy whilst others are more difficult as they rely on good timing. The difficulty of some of the puzzles could make it tricky for younger children, which is probably who the game is primarily aimed at, and it certainly seems odd given the simplicity of the battles.

Graphically the game is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. The characters look and animate good enough although obviously they're not going to be the same standard of those in the movie (some of their special moves, such as Elastigirl's stretchy punch and swing are hilarious the first time you seem them). The level design, for the most part, is OK but it's all pretty standard stuff and nothing that really stands out. As with most third person action games the camera can be a pain, particularly in battles. Having to baby sit the camera with the right analogue stick does become irritating as you're under siege from enemies. Thankfully pressing the L2 button resets the camera behind the character you're controlling. The frame rate does dip from time to time and whilst this isn't great to see it doesn't really hamper your enjoyment of the game.

The Incredibles, like all games that are based on movies, relies on putting as much atmosphere of the movie into the game. Whilst the characters look great and some of there moves are typical of what they do in the movie there are no subtitles except for tutorial messages. This means that you lose all of the humour within the game with a huge chunk of the movie flavour being instantly stripped out of the game for deaf gamers. Giving deaf gamers such a raw deal is just plain silly and puts a big question mark against the game's value for deaf gamers.

As games based on movies go The Incredibles is not bad overall. However with the game not being subtitled it's difficult to recommend seeing as it falls quite a bit short of 10 hours play. Had the game been subtitled it would certainly have been a more enjoyable experience but even with the subtitles it still wasn't going to be anything special. The range of different characters and the special moves that they can perform is a nice touch and it's probably the games redeeming feature. The thing is though for the asking price of £34.99 there's a lot better games to spend your money on in this genre that are subtitled and that you'll find more enjoyable.

Overall Game Rating: 6.0/10
The Incredibles is simply OK but nothing special. Without subtitles you even miss out on the story and humour within the game.

Deaf Gamers comment:
Really needed subtitles to be included if it was going to capture the mood of the movie.