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World Championship Snooker 2003 PC CD-ROM

Published by Sold Out Software
Developed by Blade Interactive
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £4.99

The World Championship Snooker series has been with us for a few years now and over the years we've been fortunate to see the various versions of the game on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Of course at the same time the game has been available on PC too but this is the first time we've seen a PC version of the game.

On loading the game I was surprised to see how much better the game looks on the PC. Whilst the player character models look a little dated, the details in the tables and the balls themselves are very impressive. If anything the game feels more comfortable playing on the PC and the key control system that's been used is very comfortable (although it's not quite as intuitive as the virtual cue method that the Virtual Pool games used). The game offers match, tournament and career modes (network games are available too) as well as 8 and 9 ball Pool. You'll find a trick shot mode and a coaching mode that enables you to learn the finer points of the game.

Subtitles can be enabled although they are off by default. With them enabled you'll have the coaching mode and the commentary in the game subtitled. At the lowly sum of just £4.99 it's a superb game to pick up. The only fault with game is that against the AI players it can take a while for them to take their turns. That said though you can turn off the player animations and doing so will result in a much quicker experience that's a lot better if you don't have too long to play.

Overall Game Rating: 4.5/5

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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Another Sold Out game that's great value for money. The game might be a few years old but it's still a great snooker game with plenty of depth. The career mode itself will keep you busy for months.