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MAX Drive for GameCube now available


Last month we bought you our review of the Action Replay MAX EVO Edition for PlayStation 2 but now GameCube owners can also enjoy the benefits of the Action Replay MAX technology. Below you'll find the official press release.


MAX Drive for GameCube is Unleashed
A massive 64Mb memory card with easy-to-use PC connectivity

October 11th, 2004 - MAX Drive, the most powerful memory management device in console gaming history, is now available for the Nintendo GameCube. At last, GameCube owners can transfer the latest sports rosters, unlocked levels and Action Replay cheat codes between their console and PC, quickly and easily.

MAX Drive is a massive 64 Megabit GameCube memory card with a difference. It connects to your internet-enabled PC via a USB cable (supplied), allowing you to transfer the latest game saves and Action Replay cheat codes direct to your Cube. Want to prove that you’re a pro gamer? Using MAX Drive you can also upload your own GameCube saves to your PC, making them available for others to download via email or the web.

The system consists of the MAX Drive cartridge, USB cable, and PC and GameCube versions of the MAX Drive software. Also included is a special bonus disc packed with Power Saves - GameCube game save files that blast your games wide open with cheats such as unlock all characters and levels.

From the makers of Action Replay, the world’s most powerful videogame cheat code system, MAX Drive is the ultimate game save solution for GameCube.

Summary of features:
• A massive 64Mb GameCube memory card with built-in USB connectivity
• Over 1000 blocks of game save data - 16 times the size of a standard GameCube memory card
• Download the latest Action Replay cheat codes (Action Replay required) - no more manual code entry!
• Download GameCube game saves to your PC, then transfer them to your console - quickly and easily
• Grab the latest sports rosters and saves that unlock characters, vehicles, levels and more - all for free (internet connection required)
• Trade game saves with your friends via email and the web
• User friendly graphic interface
• Be part of the MAX Drive community at

“MAX Drive has already been a huge hit on PlayStation 2 and Xbox,” said Datel’s managing director, Michael Connors. “Now GameCube owners can unleash the power of their consoles with exclusive, custom-made content from the internet.”




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