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Konami to release King Arthur


Konami of Europe has announced that it is to release the video game adaptation of one of the summer’s biggest movies - King Arthur - for PlayStation®2, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube™ in November.

Licensed by Buena Vista Games, Inc and developed by Krome Studios PTY, Ltd., the King Arthur video game will utilise footage from the Touchstone Pictures/Jerry Bruckheimer Films movie and feature likenesses of characters from the film. The King Arthur video game will immerse fans into the lush environments and vivid scenery from the film.

Players take control of the motion picture’s heroes - Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Tristan or Bors - and use their unique skills as they embark on a perilous mission revealing the historic tale of the real Knights of the Round Table. Featuring single or co-operative play, combat on horseback, and multiple mission types with diverse goals, the King Arthur video game will provide a cinematic action adventure experience of epic scale.

“The King Arthur movie is perfect fodder for an all-action game for the leading systems,” said Martin Schneider, European Marketing & PR Director, Konami of Europe. “With the game using footage and likenesses lifted directly from the film, we have created a very playable game that dove-tails perfectly into the movie’s action sequences, effectively allowing the player to relive its many epic battles first-hand.”

"The King Arthur video game is inspired by the epic true story that gave rise to the King Arthur legend," said Graham Hopper, senior vice president and general manager of Buena Vista Games. "By working with the talented team at Krome and Konami, the real story of King Arthur will be played out with intense battles, innovative combat and realistic environments."

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Top Gun), directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), and written by David Franzoni, the King Arthur film hit cinemas across Europe in August. Bolstered by stars including Clive Owen (Gosford Park, Beyond Borders), Keira Knightley (Bend It Like Beckham, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain), the film portrays the true story behind the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

About The Film
Release Date: August 2004
Genre: Action-Adventure
Cast: Clive Owen, Keira Knightley, Stellan Skarsgård, Stephen Dillane, Ray Winstone, Hugh Dancy, Til Schweiger, Ioan Gruffudd
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Written by: David Franzoni
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producers: Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, Ned Dowd

From producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Black Hawk Down") , director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") and writer David Franzoni comes Touchstone Pictures' and Jerry Bruckheimer Films' "King Arthur," a spectacular, epic tale of one man's destiny to become a king.

Historians have thought for centuries that King Arthur was only a myth, but the legend was based on a real hero, torn between his private ambitions and his public sense of duty.  A reluctant leader, Arthur (Clive Owen) wishes only to leave Britain and return to the peace and stability of Rome. Before he can, one final mission leads him and his Knights of the Round Table - Lancelot, Galahad, Bors, Tristan, and Gawain - to the conclusion that when Rome is gone, Britain will need a leader to fill the vacuum. Britain needs a king - someone not only to defend against the current threat of invading Saxons, but to lead the isle into a new age. Under the guidance of Merlin, a former enemy, and the beautiful, courageous Guinevere (Keira Knightley) by his side, Arthur will have to find the strength within himself to change the course of history. Thrilling adventure, edge-of-your-seat action and historical grandeur come together in this unique look at the origins of one of the greatest legends ever told.



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