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The Worms have turned to N-Gage


Those seriously addictive worms are making their way to N-Gage. Worms World Party will arrive on the handheld console later this year.

Nokia and THQ Wireless today announced Worms World Party for the N-Gage platform. Worms World Party is a turn-based action strategy game where teams of worms battle it out for control of the world. The game features co-op and head-to-head multiplayer gaming modes allowing players to compete for wormy world domination locally via Bluetooth wireless technology or globally over the N-Gage Arena.

"Worms is a classic in its own right. Now that it's on the N-Gage platform, gamers can battle head to head whenever they get the urge!" said Pasi Pölönen, Director, Game Publishing, Nokia.

“Worms is one of the most popular and successful franchises worldwide,” said Tim Walsh, President of THQ Wireless. “Countless gamers have been transported to the Worms world and the N-Gage version will continue that legacy.”

Worms World Party allows gamers to command an army of fanatical worms and lead them into countless battles across luscious landscapes. Players can seek out and destroy other Worm soldiers using plenty of different Worm-squashing weapons including infamous Worm-destroying-sheep, fierce bazooka cannons and Kung Fu powers. Battlegrounds range from chilly snowcapped mountains to the deep darkness of space through apple cores and Swiss cheese holes! With a multitude of challenging missions, Worms World Party on the N-Gage platform offers countless hours of addictive gaming fun.

N-Gage Arena features extend gameplay even further with a world of Worms online. The Worms competitive community includes match-making categories, ranking systems, leaderboard categories, survival of the Wormiest and more.

Worms World Party is expected to be in stores in November 2004.


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