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Ground Control II Multiplayer Demo & Demo Tournament


Fans of the Ground Control series will be pleased to learn that a multiplayer demo is available and to further spice things up a multiplayer demo tournament will also be held on June 12th. Below you'll find the official press release.

An introduction to the full experience Ground Control® II is now here, with the arrival of the Multi-player demo. This demo features two tutorial missions, three online multiplayer maps and one single player map from the previously released single player demo. Both factions, the NSA (Northern Star Alliance) and the Viron Nomads are fully playable allowing gamers to experience the variety of tactics employed by each of the races. The demo also provides an introduction to Massgate™, Massive Entertainments proprietary gaming lobby, where gamers can host games, join on current games and chat with other Ground Control® II gamers from across the globe.

On June 12th a Multiplayer Demo Tournament will launch, with valuable prizes for the winners. More information on the upcoming tournament will be found at

Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus is the next installment in the Ground Control® franchise. In a departure from traditional RTS games, Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus focuses on tactical combat with minimal time spent on resource management. Instead of harvesting resources and building bases, the game keeps the action hot and heavy by immediately rewarding players for accomplishing objectives. Additionally, the unique multiplayer drop-in mode allows players to instantly join an ongoing game at any time, for any length of time.

Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus chronicles the ongoing conflict between the Northern Star Alliance and the Terran Empire. Having lost the war in space, the NSA retreats to their home world and forces the Terran Empire to engage in a savage war of attrition on the ground. As a Captain in the field, players can command a task force consisting of infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft alone in the single player campaign or with other players via LAN or Internet.

Developed by Massive Entertainment, Ground Control II: Operation Exodus features one of the most compelling 3D graphics engines in the RTS genre allowing for outstanding graphics with incredible levels of detail. Ground Control II: Operation Exodus will be available in June 2004 for the PC. More information can be found at

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus for the PC has been rated “12+” and carries a suggested retail price of £34.99.


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