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CY Girls PlayStation 2

Published by Konami
Developed by Konami
Released - 7th May 2004
Price : £39.99

Cy Girls is a game based on the Takara range of action figures that are available in Japan. The game is centred around two young women Aska and Ice. Aska is a master ninja and is trained in close, martial art, combat whereas Ice is a master of firearms and projectile weapons. Both ladies are also computer hackers too. Each character has their own side of the story and the game comes on two disks, one for Aska and one for Ice, and you can play whoever you want to first. This makes a nice change but there are some problems with the game that all add up to Cy Girls being a very average game and something of a disappointment given that Konami are capable of so much more.

Aska's tale is one of revenge as she is on the hunt for those who were responsible for murdering her father. Ice begins her chapter having to infiltrate an organisation with the task of erasing some important files. Throughout the game different locations such as the Far East and South America will be visited and you'll even have to visit a virtual world, which looks more than a little like the film TRON, to take on computer generated opponents, locate clues and obtain new abilities. It all seems interesting enough but the game just doesn't feel right. The combat in the game is mediocre and unchallenging and the various puzzles in the game are too similar in nature and usually revolve around looking for keys to allow you open a specific door. The game desperately needs more variation. You are backtracking far too often, which means boredom and frustration will eventually creep in.

Graphically Cy Girls is OK and what you would expect from a recent PlayStation 2 title. The same cannot be said for the animations and camera angles though. The game, like most action games, is played from a third person perspective. Playing as Aska the problem camera angles can be unbearable at times. At the beginning of the game you have the option to either allow the camera to be fully automatic or to have the ability to move it yourself with the right analogue stick. Controlling it yourself is definitely the better option but it still has it's crazy moments. Aska has the ability to jump from wall to wall and when this action is being performed it's not uncommon for the camera to spin round like crazy and it's almost impossible to get your bearings. I don't usually become dizzy whilst playing games but the spasmodic movements of the camera during Aska's wall jumps definitely turned my stomach on more than one occasion. The animation of the characters also looks unrefined and look like something from a PSone game. Aska moves more quickly than Ice and the unrealistic running animations are even more exaggerated because of this.

On first playing Cy Girls I took a look at the options menu to see if subtitles could be enabled. It came as a surprise to find that there were no subtitle options. Initially I was disappointed at this but I needn't have been as the game is subtitled anyway and it's just that there wasn't an option to turn them off, which of course doesn't matter. The cutscenes and all the game dialogue are subtitled. The cutscene subtitles are in white and placed on a black overlay to give you maximum clarity. Both characters receive verbal animation from different characters and this information is also shown in text. Saving the game will record your progress up to the last checkpoint and the word 'checkpoint' will appear onscreen to inform you when a checkpoint has been reached. Mission objectives can be recalled at any time by pressing the start button.

Cy Girls has little going for it. The camera problems are disappointing. The games story is also uninteresting although this is not uncommon in an action game, to be completely honest. The graphics are OK but the poor animations are a step back from many games out there on the PlayStation 2. The combat, whilst not poor, is nothing special and this also does nothing for the appeal of the game. In fact the biggest plus for the game is that it's subtitled. The game play itself is repetitive and uninspiring. Cy Girls is not a particularly bad game but it's nothing special and will do little to attract those who didn't already intend purchasing it.

Overall Game Rating: 5.4/10
Cy Girls is average in every sense of the word. There are numerous areas of the game that lack class and whilst these can't be classified as bad, they all add up to a game that is far from memorable.

Deaf Gamers comment:
If you are interested in Cy Girls you'll be pleased to know that's subtitled.