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Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition PlayStation 2

Published by Capcom
Developed by
Released - Out Now
Price : £19.99

We've looked at quite a few fighting games here at Deaf Gamers over the years and every single one of them owes a debt of gratitude to the Street Fighter II series. In order to celebrate 15 years of the 'greatest beat-em-up of all time' Capcom have released this arcade perfect compilation that includes every version of Street Fighter II and also the Street Fighter II: The Animated II Movie has been added to make this the complete Street Fighter II experience. Let's take a look at this chunk of gaming history.

Rather than the compilation having every Street Fighter II games in it's original state (split into the separate games), Capcom have decided to empty the full contents of the games (including World Warriors, Champion Edition, Turbo, Super and Super Turbo) into one large game. I think this decision is going to cause a split of opinion amongst fans of the Street Fighter II series. Personally I would have preferred the games to have remained in their original state but it's not to be. You do have the ability to mix and face-off the characters from the different games but it does kind of throw the game play's balance out of the window but nevertheless I sure it's something fans of the series have always wanted to do and now you can.

Of course playing the games on a Dualshock 2 gamepad is a very different proposition from playing on the original arcade machines and whilst the PlayStation 2 controller does a decent job it's just not the same. Movement is controlled via the left analogue stick or the directional pads whilst attacks are assigned to the four primary button and L & R buttons. Personally I don't find the controls as comfortable as those on the original arcade machines but they do a good job. Still the game is as enjoyable as ever, especially in versus mode and you're guaranteed to have aching thumbs in no time.

What can you say about the graphics other than they are arcade perfect. Of course this is arcade perfect from many years ago so they actually look very rough by today's standards. This isn't a complaint though and I for one wouldn't have been impressed with seeing the games altered in anyway. Most people who are going to be interested in this compilation will want the games to appear as they did in the arcades and visually at least, that appears to be the case. Still if you aren't old enough to have played them in the arcades all those years ago then the look of the games will come as a bit of a shock but once you've played them for a few moments you'll be completely oblivious to how rough everything looks compared to today's games.

The game itself offers no problems at all for deaf gamers. If you think about it the games are from an age when speech wasn't a big thing in games and the main audible content was the music and exaggerated grunts from the characters. The characters make the occasional comment (and this isn't subtitled) but it's of no importance. In arcade mode, between the rounds, you'll have a small text comment, which of course is fine for deaf gamers. However if you're thinking of enjoying the movie then think again. Unfortunately the film isn't subtitled, which makes it practically useless for deaf gamers.

Your opinion of Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition will be dependent on your gaming history. If you were one of the millions of gamers who spent hours playing the arcade machines all those years ago, then you'll be satisfied with this compilation although you might also be disappointed that the five Street Fighter II games were not kept separate. Younger gamers might be initially put off by the games low detail appearance but all I can say to those gamers is to play the game, experience the classic versus mode and then form an opinion. The Street Fighter II film isn't subtitled which dilutes the package somewhat for deaf gamers but to be completely honest it's not the greatest film ever. If you're looking for a large slice of gaming history or simply want one of the most entertaining versus modes in a fighting game then Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition is well worth the asking price.

Overall Game Rating: 8.0/10
For the price of just £19.99 this is a compilation that any self-respecting beat-em-up fan would want to own. The game's presentation might not be as polished as most games out there and it's a shame that the games have all been thrown together instead of them remaining in their original state but it's still well worth the money.

Deaf Gamers comment:
The only disappointment is that the film isn't subtitled which puts a minor dent in the package for deaf gamers.