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Space Invaders Anniversary PC CD-ROM

Published by Xplosiv
Developed by Empire Interactive/Taito
Released: 12th November 2004
Price: £9.99

Who hasn't played Space Invaders before? When I was in secondary school in the mid-1980's they had Space Invaders cabinets everywhere. There were in social clubs, chip shops and Chinese take away restaurants. Along with Pac-Man, Space Invaders was easily one of the best games in the industry's early years. Here is a compilation to celebrate this legendary game and if you were a fan you'll be glad of the chance to replay the classic game.

The Space Invaders Anniversary pack contains Space Invaders TableTop (Monochrome and Cellophane and Colour), Space Invaders Upright (Parts 1&2), Space Invaders Part 2 TableTop, Space Invaders 3D Mode, Space Invaders Versus Mode and Space Invaders Doubles Mode. In all then that's 9 different variations of the same game. If you're a Space Invaders enthusiast that's pretty impressive and each game comes in it's own virtual cabinet with around 3 different viewing angles so you can effectively move yourself closer to the screen if you want to.

There's not much to say about this compilation except to say that there's no variation at all in the different modes. Yes it's nice to see the different versions of Space Invaders and it's good to have them all in one package but they are all the same in that you move your craft from side to side in order to wipe out the descending aliens. It's a classic game but all of the variations offer the same game play. There's no need for subtitles in Space Invaders (as I'm sure you're all aware) so you won't find any. To sum up if you want the official Space Invaders on your PC then it's the ultimate package but again I think this could have been a whole lot cheaper for what it is.

Recommendation: If you're a Space Invaders enthusiast it's worth but if you only have a passing interest in the game then it doesn't offer enough variety to keep your interest.
Suitability for deaf gamers: No subtitles here but none are needed.

Overall Game Rating: 3.5/5


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