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UFC Sudden Impact PlayStation 2

Published by Global Star Software
Developed by Opus
Released - Out Now
Price : £19.99

I'll start the review by explaining what the UFC is because if you're at all like me you might not have known about it (apologies to those who do know about it). The UFC stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and it is basically a fighting sport where the competitors used a mixed martial arts style of fighting. Fighter's styles are a combination of Kick boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate etc. Fighters can choose to remain with one style but it's common for a fighter to have a style that draws on all the aforementioned forms of combat in order to create their own unique style. Fights take part in an Octagonal ring and much like boxing, victory can be achieved via a KO, or judges decision. A draw is also possible as is a Tapout victory, where the one fighter will successfully perform a submission move on an opponent until they tap out.

UFC Sudden Impact has various modes for you to get your teeth into. The modes on offer are Arcade Mode, Champion Mode, Tournament Mode, Versus Mode, Story Mode and of course a Training Mode. Arcade Mode lets you pick a fighter and attempt to win as many fights in succession as possible. Champion Mode gives you the opportunity to win the UFC Championship in you chosen weight class. You can pick one of the 37 real fighters or create you own custom fighter. In order to win the championship you'll need to win 5 fights in a row. Once a championship is won you'll unlock Legend Mode in which you have to defend your title. Tournament Mode allows you to create a custom tournament for up to eight fighters. Each fighter can either be player or CPU controlled. Versus Mode allows for a 2 player single fight. Story Mode allows you to create your own fighter, take them through 3 years of training and then participate in the UFC. You get to formulate your own fighting style although you can just choose to specialise in style though if you prefer. Training mode is where you can practice your technique and is the best place to start.

What often breaks a fighting based game is the control system that's used. UFC Sudden Impact does not come unstuck here though and the control scheme, whilst not over elaborate, is comfortable and easy to master. Essentially each of the primary buttons is assigned to a limb (circle = right kick, X = left kick, triangle = right punch and square = left punch although the controls can be redefined) pressing two buttons together will perform grapples, submission moves and takedown moves etc. I found the control system to be solid and it wasn't painful to pick up, which is more than can be said for a majority of fight games out there. The manual also makes a decent job of describing the various controls and combos, which is good to see.

Graphically UFC Sudden Impact doesn't look that bad at all. The presentation is maybe a little spartan but considering the game is less than £20 this is to be expected. The fighter models are decent and the same can be said for the animations. The game as a whole doesn't really test the capabilities of the PlayStation 2 but it's certainly comparable to many of the wrestling games that appeared on the console in the first few years of it's life. The only real complaint with the graphics is the blood which comes from the fighters as it looks pixilated as if it was on the PSone instead of the PlayStation 2. However, you can mercifully turn it off if you want to, which is a relief as it looks better without it.

UFC Sudden Impact is fine for deaf gamers. There a few words of speech that are missing but these are non-essential. The Story Mode is delivered exclusively via text, which is most welcome. The training mode is all text based with no speech at all, which again is good news. In fact a real area of weakness with the game is it's sound which is very poor but this is a weak area of the game that won't be noticeable to deaf gamers. In fact the game on the whole lacks the usual glitzy presentation that accompanies boxing and wrestling games and these are the areas where support for deaf gamers usually suffers.

If you are fan of fight games and fancy trying something different UFC Sudden Impact is definitely worth giving a go. It lacks that quality presentation that many of the WWE games and boxing titles have but at a price of less than £20 this is forgivable. It has a variety of game play modes that help to make it good value for money too and this helps give the game a more than acceptable life span. The only thing it really lacks in terms of options is an online mode but I guess this isn't too much of a problem. Those of you looking for a decent fighting game with a difference should give UFC Sudden Impact a try.

Overall Game Rating: 7.0/10
UFC Sudden Impact lacks the quality presentation of other fight games but it offers a good amount of game modes and a solid enough combat system to make it a worthwhile purchase for the asking price.

Deaf Gamers comment:
A few omissions but nothing serious. The story mode is delivered exclusively via text.