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U.S. Most Wanted PC CD-ROM

Published by Xplosiv
Developed by Fun Labs
Released: Out Now
Price: £4.99

There's nothing like a good stealth based action game and U.S. Most Wanted is definitely nothing like a good stealth based action game. It tries to be Splinter Cell on the cheap but it fails and like Delta Ops (which unfortunately we've also looked at) it's a mess of epic proportions. Those looking for a quality game ought to really look elsewhere. In fact this is another former Activision Value title and it's another one that, quite frankly, stinks.

U.S. Most Wanted puts you in the shoes of Randall Joyce, a retired U.S. Counter Terrorist Operative. A gentle retirement is not in order though and without the restraints imposed on you by your former employers you're free to pursue terrorists by using any method you see fit. No longer can these individuals hide behind the shield of the insufficient legal system as you are free to take them out of action completely. You'll find yourself breaking into apartments to gain information about your targets amongst other things and whilst it seems like it might be a good idea for a game, it's execution is poor and instantly forgettable.

Like Delta Ops this is definitely a sight to give you sore eyes as the graphics are more than several cuts below the rest. Poor textures, poor animations and generally lacklustre environments give the game a disappointing appearance. Text provision seems OK. You get text messages providing tutorial hints when you first begin and your objectives are shown in text too. This would actually be good news but again we have a game that's not worth the asking price.

Recommendation: Not Recommended. Much better games are available at this price.
Suitability for deaf gamers: Suitable. No problems.

Overall Game Rating: 1.0/5


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