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Destroy all Humans! PlayStation 2

Published by THQ
Developed by Pandemic Studios
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £39.99

Destroy all Humans!, an introduction.

If you are of a certain age the chances are you'll remember all those tacky black and white movies that had silly plots about beings from outer space invading the Earth. Those movies were quite pathetic of course and part of the reason they are looked on with such fondness is that they are unintentionally humorous with them having poor special effects and cheesy dialogue. Destroy all Humans! gives the same Earth invading scenario only this time you'll want Earth to be invaded as you're controlling the aliens.

What's the game about?

You'll play as the Furon, Cryptosporidium 137. Crypto's race, the Furon are in trouble. Years of waging war against inferior races have taken their toll and their genes have mutated. The upshot of all this is they no longer have genitalia and obviously as a result of this they cannot breed. Until now the Furons have been cloning themselves in order to maintain their race but their DNA is now corrupted and the end for their race is in sight. There is hope however, as years ago when the Furons had destroyed the Martians, one of their kind came to Earth (when humanity was it it's infancy) and let's just say the creature had its intimate moments with the willing earthlings. Suffice to say every human is now considered to have strands of pure Furon DNA. It's Crypto's job to come to Earth and bring back fresh DNA, which can be extracted from the human brain stem. If he has to, Crypto has been ordered to destroy all humans in order to achieve his goals. To add extra spice to the story the last Furon to visit earth was 136 and it's feared that the earthlings now hold him prisoner.

What's good about the game?

The biggest plus with the game is that it's actually quite humorous and it in no way attempts to be serious. On top of this humorous charm the game also has an aesthetic charm that's pleasing to the eye. The game can't strictly be regarded as linear as within each area there are optional objectives for you to complete if you want to. There are essentially two parts to the game. You have the on-foot sections where Crypto runs around zapping people and using his psychic powers, and there's the UFO sections where you'll be controlling the UFO and attempting to destroy the set targets. I say sections but really you can get in and out of your UFO when you like. Crypto has weapons such as Zap-o-Matic, Sonic Boom and the Quantum Deconstructor to name but a few. The DNA you collect will allow you to upgrade your weapons to increase their strength. Crypto also has his Psychokinesis powers that allow him to levitate people or objects and throw them, extract DNA, hypnotise and holobob (take a human form).

What's not so good about the game?

Whilst Destroy all Humans! has plenty of style and is quite fun to play it soon becomes repetitive. What makes this even more of a problem is that for the most part the game offers little challenge and most of the objectives can be achieved with ease. Enemies are easily avoided and the weapons and powers at your disposal make taking out enemies less of a challenge than they should be (at least for most of the time). There should have been more variety in your missions. All too often it feels like you're doing the same thing over and over again. The game is quite short (if you don't do a substantial amount of the optional objectives) and you'll struggle to get 10 hours out of the game but having said that if the game had been longer it would have been more of the same old tasks so maybe the game's brevity isn't a bad thing.

How does it look?

Destroy all Humans has a stylised look to it that perfectly matches the flavour of the game. The in-game graphics and cutscenes all look good and add to the charm of the game. When you're playing on-foot with Crypto the action is viewed from the third person perspective and this allows you to see approaching enemies from quite a distance. Whilst you're in the UFO though you have a more restricted top-down view and this doesn't afford you the same spatial awareness that the on-foot sections have. Most of the time this isn’t a problem and you'll easily be able to dodge the incoming missiles etc. The one ugly aspect of the game is draw distance which is disappointing. When you're flying round in the UFO the draw distance is particularly poor and you'll see objects pop-up all over the place. It's a shame because it's the only rough looking aspect of the game.

How deaf gamer friendly is the game?

Destroy all Humans! is deaf gamer friendly. However, enabling the subtitles is rather clumsy. There is no way of enabling the subtitles from the main menu as all you can do here is load a save game or create a new game. You'll have to begin a new game and watch the first cutscene without subtitles (thankfully this can be skipped though). After the first cutscene you'll have a menu in front of you where you can select options and enable the subtitles. From here on in the game is subtitled. Thankfully you can access the first cutscene (now subtitled) by accessing the B-Movie Theatre in the archive section. Tutorial tips are shown in text and all the important dialogue in the game is subtitled. There are some comments from the humans that are not subtitled but these are more for ambience than anything else.

Final thoughts.

Those of you looking for a humorous and bizarre action game will find a lot to like with Destroy all Humans! The game is definitely a case of style over substance though and whilst the game looks good and has a charm few games can equal, it does become monotonous. That said though it's difficult to be too hard on the game because it is humorous and it does feel original. The game's relatively short length may be disappointing but by the end of the game you will probably have had enough of doing the same things over and over again.


Overall Game Rating: 7.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

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Stylish and for the most part enjoyable, Destroy all Humans! suffers from making you do the same things over and over again, more so than most games. The game is subtitled but it's annoying that you have to watch the initial cutscene first before you can enable them.