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Hotel Giant PC CD-ROM

Published by Sold Out Software
Developed by Enlight Software
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £4.99

The Sims, as you all know, was an incredibly popular game and there have been a few games that have tried to capture the look and feel of the game in an attempt to appeal to those who enjoyed the game. Hotel Giant was one such game. Whilst the game is essentially as far removed from The Sims as it could possible be, the characters, the room building, the decorating and the object placing are all influenced by the Maxis game. There's much more to the game than simply looking like The Sims though and once you get into it you'll realise there's quite a challenging strategy game on offer here that's quite unlike anything else.

Taking charge of a hotel, you will have to design rooms, take care of complaints and strive to meet goals in order to succeed. You can decide upon the price of the rooms, the quality of the ingredients in the restaurant and whether there is any shampoo in your guest's bathroom and altering these values always makes a difference on the customers' satisfaction ratings. The game features three campaigns, a main campaign, a learning campaign and a random campaign. The learning campaign will teach you the basics and put you in a few tricky situations to test you. The main campaign is played out over 18 ever increasingly difficult scenarios. The random campaign is a set of randomly constructed scenarios with an alterable difficulty setting. You can also elect to play a random game where you set the goals.

Hotel Giant won't cause deaf gamers any problems. There is no speech in the game, apart from mumblings from some of the guests if you zoom in close and to be honest it is too garbled to make out. Everything is given in static text and needs to be clicked off before you can continue. The manual (in .pdf format of course) is very good and you can find out how to do pretty much everything especially as it has a very useful index.

On the whole Hotel Giant is a solid game, if a little bland in places. Graphically the game is OK but it's a shame you're locked at the screen resolution of 800x600 (especially if you own a TFT monitor). The original release of the game had more than it's fair share of bugs with the favourite being that the game would fail to load after double-clicking the desktop icon. Thankfully the problems have been ironed out for this release and everything works as it should right out of the box which is great news.

Overall Game Rating: 3.5/5

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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Hotel Giant suffers from being a little bland and it lacks the charm of a great strategy title but stick with it and you'll find a game that's worthy of your attention.