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Published by Mastertronic Added Dimension
Developed by Ubisoft
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £9.99

Back in 2003 one of the most enjoyable FPS games we played was XIII. The game is a based on a comic license of the same name by Belgian comic book author Jean Van Hamme. What makes it so special though is that the game actually makes you feel like you are part of a comic book, which is no small achievement. XIII's story is actually based upon the first five books of the same name.

You play as XIII aka Steve Rowland. You awake on a beach shortly after the president has been assassinated. To make matters worse you have amnesia and haven't got a clue of who you are or where you are. A lady helps you from the beach, where you are unconscious, but it all goes wrong when she is killed by men who are out to kill you. It appears you are being blamed for the president's assassination and the termination of your life seems to be the prime concern of almost everyone you meet. It might not be a highly original story but it's certainly an engrossing one.

The game offers 34 single-player missions and 24 multiplayer levels that can be played over a LAN and online. The single-player missions are actually very enjoyable although they don't offer any replay value. One of the aspects of this game that was so unique at the time was the graphics. Using a comic strip, cel-shaded, look the game looks both impressive and original. It's not too bad for deaf gamers either. The cutscenes aren't subtitled but in-game dialogue is shown in speech bubbles and you'll even see a few text descriptions for certain sounds in the game. In short if you're a FPS fan and haven't played the game yet this is well worth a purchase.


Overall Game Rating: 4.0/5

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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A very enjoyable FPS that looks great. The single player game may lack replay value but at this price it's well worth the money.