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MediEvil: Resurrection PSP

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by Cambridge Studio
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £29.99

MediEvil: Resurrection, an introduction.

The MediEvil games were quite popular on the original PlayStation console but, for one reason or another, the series has never appeared on the PlayStation 2. The MediEvil games are action games with a bit of platform gaming thrown in along with a generous dollop of humour to give the game quite a unique flavour. After a lengthy absence then it was probably a good idea to, as the title suggests, resurrect the series for the PSP.

What's the game about?

In MediEvil: Resurrection you'll play as the coward who's mistaken for a hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque. One hundred years ago Sir Daniel Fortesque was credited with getting rid of the evil Sorcerer Zarok at the Battle of Gallowmere. In actual fact Sir Daniel had been trying to avoid battle in a cowardly fashion. Legend has it that Sir Daniel was the hero and for a hundred years that's exactly what people thought he was. However, Zarok has now returned and by using his sorcery has begun to raise an undead army to help him conquer the land. Unwittingly though this sorcery has also bought Sir Daniel back to life. Maybe this time he really can get rid of Zarok.

What's good about the game?

Probably the best part of MediEvil: Resurrection is its humour. The cutscenes, for the most part are enjoyable and whilst the main game really isn't anything special, the humour does provide some inspiration to carry on. The included mini-games, which can also be played by two players using a wireless connection, add a small amount of replay value to the game which is always welcome. It's also rather handy that you can save your progress at any time, something all handheld games should let you do.

What's not so good about the game?

There are numerous complaints with MediEvil: Resurrection but by far the biggest complaint is the annoying camera. The only control you'll have over the camera is to use the 'R' button to pull the camera behind Dan. You can't manoeuvre the camera and it's definitely a game where you wish the PSP had a right analogue stick to enable you to control the camera. The camera is at its most annoying when you are in combat or have to perform jumps. The combat system isn't particularly inspiring. It's very basic in fact with either a slow attack that does more damage or a quick attack that does little damage with melee weapons. Enemy AI is also below par and is easy to deal with. In fact, for the most part, you can simply run straight past your enemies and in a lot of situations, it's advisable.

How does it look?

MediEvil: Resurrection looks OK for the most part. The cutscenes are actually quite impressive and it's quite surprising to see such quality on a handheld console. The in-game graphics look OK but there's definitely a first generation look about them and you can only see games such as this looking better in future. The frame rate does dip quite frequently, especially in combat. It's nothing major and won't affect your control but it's definitely noticeable.

How deaf gamer friendly is the game?

All things considered, MediEvil: Resurrection is OK for deaf gamers. The introduction to the game is subtitled but you'll have to enable subtitles before beginning a new game. The subtitles are in bright yellow and are easily seen at all times. I would have preferred colour-coded subtitles to highlight which character is speaking but nevertheless there aren't any real problems. The cutscenes are subtitled as are all the important comments and tutorial tips. There's some speech of lesser importance, such as the comical remarks on the loading screens and map screen, that aren't subtitled but this isn't really a problem. You're also given the instructions for the mini-games in text so you'll always know what needs to be done.

Final thoughts.

MediEvil: Resurrection is definitely one of the PSP's lesser launch titles. There's nothing particularly poor about the game and in fact it's quite humorous in parts. The low frame rate, clumsy camera angles and a combat system that feels a little basic are the real flaws of the game. That said if you haven't played the MediEvil games before and fancy an action game for your PSP it will certainly fill the gap until something more substantial comes along.


Overall Game Rating: 5.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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The quality of the humour and cutscenes can't hide the fact that MediEvil: Resurrection is only a mediocre action game.