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The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack PC CD-ROM

Published by Electronic Arts
Developed by Maxis
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £9.99
Requires: The Sims 2 (CD or DVD version)

Just in time for Christmas we have what can only be termed as a mini-expansion pack for The Sims 2. As the title suggests this is a seasonal expansion pack that includes 40 new items and objects that will allow your Sims to enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities. There's not really enough here to do a full review so we thought we'd just give you our opinion of this seasonal mini-expansion.

What we have to make clear here is that this isn't your typical The Sims 2 expansion. There aren't any new features, interactions or themes. There are no new careers, locations or transportation types. Whilst it would have been great to have taken your Sims on holiday to the North Pole to have seen Santa and his little helpers manufacturing the toys, it's a feature that's not been included. What you're getting is just 40 new objects and items. Not a lot you might say but at £9.99 it's not exactly expensive either.

So what are the extra items then? Well you get a Christmas tree, some presents, some Christmas stockings, some Christmas ornaments, Christmas and New Year poppers etc. There are even some sparklers and a few Easter items here too. It doesn't seem too bad. However, the items don't really have an effect on your Sims. You can only turn on the Christmas tree lights (be warned this can start a fire) or simple stare at your pile of Christmas presents. Likewise you can only stare at the various ornaments (such as a Santa like gnome and ornamental reindeer). Essentially then the expansion pack offers nothing but a few Christmas flavoured aesthetics to the game.

In regards to the graphics or its suitability for deaf gamers well, it's all the same as The Sims 2 which means it's absolutely fine in both departments. Does The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack provide value for money? Well you could probably find various Christmas items from unofficial fan websites for The Sims 2 which could be obtained for nothing. The content of The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack certainly isn't bad but with most of the content offering nothing but objects for your Sims to stare at, it does seem a little shallow. As a stocking filler it probably serves a purpose but then again a fully fledged expansion that offers themes, features and locations would be much more desirable.


Overall Game Rating: 5.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack is very light on content and offers nothing in the way of features. Still as a stocking filler it would probably be appreciated.