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Far Cry Instincts Evolution Xbox

Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £19.99

Far Cry Instincts: Evolution, an introduction.

Most gamers probably expected the Far Cry game that appeared on the Xbox to simply be a straightforward port from the PC version. The developers, in their wisdom, decided to avoid this easy route and instead they completely reworked the game to make the game more suitable for the console. As it turned out this was a stroke of genius as the new game, Far Cry Instincts, was not only as good as the original, in many ways it was better.

What's the game about?

Far Cry Instincts: Evolution sees Jack Carver once more on a Tropical Island with trouble heading his way. The story begins with Jack being hired by a young woman named Kade who wants Jack to act as her bodyguard as she conducts some arms dealing. As you'd expect it all goes wrong and once again Jack's fighting for his life on a tropical island. It may be a different story but Evolution offers a very similar experience to Far Cry Instincts, which is a good thing if you enjoyed Carver's first outing on the Xbox.

What's good about the game?

If you enjoyed Far Cry Instincts the chances are you'll enjoy what's on offer in Far Cry Instincts: Evolution. The biggest difference of course is that in Evolution you'll have access to Carver's feral abilities right from the beginning. The enemy AI seems to have been improved a little too, as your enemies seem to make better use of cover than they did in Far Cry Instincts. In addition to the single-player game (which is mostly a similar experience to the one in Far Cry Instincts), you'll also have access to the multiplayer modes and the map editor which allows you to create your own maps and then take them online for others to play on. The multiplayer modes include Deathmatch and Capture the Flag variants (called Chaos, Team Chaos and Steal the Sample) as well as Predator and Seek and Secure.

What's not so good about the game?

Essentially the Evolution story just doesn't compare with the one in the original Far Cry Instincts. The story isn't as interesting and it's only about half of the length of the story in Far Cry Instincts. In fairness though, the asking price is half of what Far Cry Instincts was (online the game can be picked up for £16.99), so this isn't as big a problem as it may seem. Whilst the story isn't as good as the one in Far Cry Instincts, it's still fairly good and when you consider you get all the multiplayer options from the first game too it's difficult to be too critical of Far Cry Instincts: Evolution.

How does it look?

Far Cry Instincts looked very impressive, in fact it probably pushed the Xbox as much as any other game on the console. It's no surprise then that Evolution offers no graphical improvements over the original game. In fact the setting is practically identical, lush tropical environments are the order of the day once again, so you'll definitely have a sense of déjà vu in regards to the locations if you've played Far Cry Instincts or the original Far Cry on the PC.

How deaf gamer friendly is the game?

Just like Far Cry Instincts, Evolution offers subtitles although they aren't enabled by default. You'll be able to follow the game's story as all the cutscene dialogue is subtitled. During the main game all of the important speech is subtitled too. The radar shows the locations of alerted enemies (denoted by red dots), enemies that don't know of your presence (green dots), investigating enemies (yellow dots) and objectives (blue dots) amongst other things. The tutorial is also subtitled, so if you haven't played Far Cry Instincts you'll be able to learn the controls before heading off into the main story.

Final thoughts.

At the very reasonable price of £19.99, Far Cry Instincts: Evolution is a very attractive package. Those who enjoyed the original Far Cry Instincts will certainly relish the chance to play the latest episode in Jack Carver's tropical island flavoured, combat saturated existence. The single-player story may not be as thrilling as the one in the original Far Cry Instincts but when you factor in the multiplayer modes and that the excellent map editor has also been included, it's still a great overall package that's easily worth the asking price.

Overall Game Rating: 8.2/10

Deaf Gamers Classification:

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Far Cry Instincts Evolution isn't as impressive as the original Far Cry Instincts but it's still very enjoyable and there's more than enough here to justify a purchase, whether you've already played Far Cry Instincts or not.