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True Crime: New York City Preview PC DVD-ROM

Published by Aspyr
Developed by Luxoflux
Release Date: 28th April 2006
Price: TBA

When True Crime: Streets of L.A. was released many were expecting a true rival to the GTA series. Sadly the game, whilst similar to the GTA games in style, turned out to be nothing of the sort and proved to be bargain bin material in no time at all. Here we have a preview of the next game in the series, True Crime: New York City. Let's hope it gets it right this time.

The game begins with a young man, Marcus Reed exacting revenge for an attempted killing of himself and his father. Needless to say the revenge involves a bloodbath with many people being killed. Rather than having to pay for his crimes though Marcus manages to get the whole thing brushed under the rug and eventually becomes a cop. It's a crazy beginning to the game for sure but nevertheless I suppose the initial bloodbath (where you control Marcus) is different from the normal tutorials you have to endure in games.

From our time with the game it doesn't really appear to have been an improvement on the original True Crime, different yes, but hardly an improvement. Shooting seems far too easy thanks to the ability to lock-on to your targets and take them out with virtually no effort. Marcus can also perform light and heavy mêlée attacks should the need arise. There's also a variety of vehicles to drive in the game, although driving isn't exactly much fun to be honest.

True Crime: New York City looks like it's going to give deaf gamers few problems. Subtitles are available, although they are disabled by default. With them enabled, you'll be able to follow what's going on. Tutorial messages are shown in text as are your objectives, so essentially there should be few problems for deaf gamers. An on screen radar allows you to see where you need to go and thanks to your enemies having health bars above their heads it's never too difficult to locate them.

It's often a worry that when a console game comes to the PC it will be a no frills port that doesn't take advantage of the increased power of the platform. More often than not these fears are realised and sadly that's the case with True Crime: NYC. For a PC game the graphics are actually quite poor and even with the ability to turn up the screen resolution, you still have a game that looks more like it was being played on the PlayStation 2 (or on a PC about 5 years ago) rather than the technologically superior PC. Despite the lack of detail here there's a problematic frame rate to deal with and a control system that doesn't feel as good as it should although you can reconfigure them (and you probably will). Of course there's still a few weeks before the game is released here in the UK, although with the game having already been released in the US, it's seems very unlikely that any improvements will be made.