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War Front Turning Point Preview PC DVD-ROM

Published by CDV
Developed by Digital Reality
Release Date: Q4 '06

Strategy games based on World War II are always incredibly popular. The problem is they are also incredibly numerous. Most of the major battles have been done to death and creating a game that's based on actual events, will be so popular to strategy fans and wargamers alike that what hasn’t been done before is becoming more and more challenging. The alternative is to take the details of World War II and twist events in such a way as to create a fictitious environment. This enables the game's developers to have creative freedom and truly take the game in any direction they please. This kind of thing has happened before and it has again in War Front Turning Point.

In War Front Turning Point's version of World War II, Hitler was assassinated in the early stages of the war and under new leadership the Germans eventually side with the Allies against Russia. The game features two campaigns, a skirmish mode and multiplayer modes. Unlike a lot of RTS games of late War Front Turning Point doesn't do away with base building and resource management. In fact the game is very similar in style to the Command & Conquer type RTS games. The game features hero units that can be upgraded as they gain experience and these are effectively super units that can have an enhancing effect on other units . There's some rather novel units here too. There's the German Exoskeleton, Zeppelin and Jet Pack. The Russians have the APC Mole, Ice Spitter tank, Frost Bomb and the Kharkov Rampager.

Graphically War Front Turning Point is looking good. Day and night cycles and weather effects are all present and correct and all look pretty decent. The game's physics look pretty respectable too. In a rather novel twist you can opt to take control of your ground based turrets. When doing so the game switches to a first person view and you can aim and fire the turrets by yourself. Whilst this is certainly interesting we'd have rather been able to choose an infantry unit and switch to a first person view. This would have enabled a kind of FPS within a strategy game experience and I'm pretty sure it would have been far more appealing.

The version we played was a Pre Beta so you wouldn't expect the game to be completely balanced and for the game to have a high degree of polish. That said it wasn't too bad in either department even though it was obvious some work needed to be done. Rather pleasingly the game appeared to be very deaf gamer friendly. Subtitles were available and enabled by default. The tutorial was fully subtitled. Comments from your hero unit were subtitled. Mission briefings and all important dialogues were also subtitled. In fact War Front Turning Point is certainly looking promising and we hope this promise is realised when it's released later this year.