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Crazy Frog Racer 2 PlayStation 2

Published by KOCH Media
Developed by Turtle Games
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £14.99

Deaf Gamers has almost been running for seven years now and during that time there have only been a handful of occasions when we’ve seen a game that’s been completely impossible to slap a rating on. These games are usually poor but have some kind of comic value that makes it seem rather harsh to give the game a rating that puts it in the same category with those that are completely rubbish. Crazy Frog Racer 2 is such a game. It’s not a great game, in fact it’s not even what most would call a good game and yet in places it’s difficult to stop yourself from laughing whilst you’re playing the game (if only because it’s quite pathetic in places) and after all games are meant to be fun.

In essence Crazy Frog Racer 2 is a Mario Kart clone. You’ll choose a wacky character to control and take part in a variety of circuit races. To add some tension to the whole proceedings you can pick up weapons and other items that can hamper your rivals’ progress. Of course they can do the same to you too. The game offers a Championship mode, Single Race mode, Time Trial mode, Chase Race mode, Battle mode (2 players only) and a couple of mini-games called Crazy Dance and Crazy Pinball.

Even the Championship mode is a rather poor imitation of Mario Kart with four cups that you can compete in and each cup has three circuits. There are three difficulty settings too, although you’re not going to have to use the Easy difficulty setting because the default Normal setting is easy enough for most people. The various circuits in the game are all themed but not to the same high standards as you’ll find in Mario Kart. During races you’ll collect various power-ups that allow you to both defend yourself from attacks as well as fire all kinds of things at your rivals. Single Race and Time Trial modes are pretty self-explanatory. Chase Race pits you against a handful of drone rivals. You’ll have a health bar and the idea is to go as long as you can until your rivals have managed to deplete your health bar. The Battle mode is a similar thing only it’s just you and your human rival trying to finish the other one off. Crazy Dance is basically a weak imitation of the Dancing Stage games and is interesting for about a minute or so. The same could be said about Crazy Pinball, which actually doesn’t bare much of a resemblance to pinball.

Graphically the game is OK. It’s not going to win any awards but the visuals get the job done, the frame rate is fine and the loading times are actually quite quick. The same could be said the game’s support for deaf gamers. The amount of text in the game is actually minimal but there’s no real need for anything else. Some of the game’s appeal will undoubtedly lie in the music that plays whilst you’re racing or playing the mini-games and this is one aspect of the game that simply won’t appeal to deaf gamers. The same could be said for the two music videos that have been included as bonus features. The game manual only consists of 10 pages or so but it gets the job done and explains everything you need to know but in fairness it’s pretty much a pick up and play kind of game with virtually no learning curve at all.

The problem here is that it really is a poor game. Those looking for a good Mario Kart clone ought to look elsewhere. Those looking for any kind of challenging experience again ought to look elsewhere. Those who like The Annoying Thing will probably want to get their hands on the game but at the asking price of £14.99 (it’s only £9.99 in a few online stores) it’s too much of a gamble for what is effectively a piece of Crazy Frog memorabilia rather than a serious game. Still we are a gaming website after all and this is a bit of stinker (even though you’ll laugh at the absurdity of it all), so unless you’re fan of the whole Crazy Frog thing then it’s safe to say there are better games to spend your hard earned cash on.

Overall Game Rating 3.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

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Fans of the whole Crazy Frog thing will probably love the game (and should ignore our rating) but those looking for a good Mario Kart clone would do better to look elsewhere.