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The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff PC CD-ROM

Published by Electronic Arts
Developed by Maxis
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £9.99
Requires: The Sims 2

The popularity of The Sims brand never ceases to amaze me. There’s just no end to the series’ appeal and whatever product is released seems to not only fly off the shelves but also rejuvenate previous products in the series. The Sims and all of its expansions were superb sellers and The Sims 2 and its expansions have proved to be just as popular. In fact with The Sims 2 we even have mini-expansion packs that simply add content rather than new game features to fill the time between the main expansion packs. Priced at £9.99 these mini-expansion packs are really for The Sims 2 enthusiast who simply can’t get enough of new clothes and furniture for their Sims. Here we have the latest mini-expansion pack, The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff.

So what does Glamour Life Stuff have to offer then? Well for £9.99 you get 60 ‘glamorous’ items. These items include new outfits, new furniture, new electronics and other objects. Your Sims now have access to fur coats, new suits, pop-art paintings, sophisticated bookshelves, new sofas and some luxurious bedroom furniture. What you’re not going to get is any new features that change the game in anyway. However, if you haven’t purchased any of the expansions so far you’ll notice concepts such as turn-ons and turn-offs that can be attributed to your Sims during their creation. Items can now be grouped into collections. You’ll also notice that Sims have good and bad chemistry with each other so it’s slightly more straightforward when it comes to dating. Of course if you’ve purchased the expansion packs none of this will be new but it’s good that it has been included for those who may not have purchased any so far.

The bottom line of course is whether the game is worth it or not. With no game play changes (unless you don’t own a previous expansion) and the sole focus on new items, it’s fair to say that only enthusiasts of The Sims 2 that are always on the lookout for such things need concern themselves with The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff. It’s really impossible to treat this as a normal review (and therefore we haven't rated it) because it’s not a standalone game or an expansion pack in the conventional sense. All of the new items are as good as you would expect. However they have no bearing on the game (it’s not affected the deaf gamer friendliness of The Sims 2) and are merely of aesthetic value. To some this will seem needless and it’s these who ought to wait for the major expansion packs to come along. However, others just can’t get enough of new content for their Sims and it’s these gamers who will appreciate what The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff provides.