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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne PC DVD-ROM

Published by THQ
Developed by Iron Lore
Release Date: Out Now
Requires: Titan Quest

When Titan Quest was released last year it proved to be one of the more enjoyable games of its type. The game is a hack-n'-slash RPG that placed you in ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia and charged you with dealing with The Titans that had escaped their eternal prison. We really liked the game and definitely found it one of the best games of its type since Diablo II. It didn't do anything wildly different from the many hack-n'-slash games that had gone before but it was addictive stuff and very enjoyable. Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is the first expansion for the game and challenges you to enter Hades to battle all kinds of evil enemies.

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne adds a good amount of new material for an expansion. Playing through the new storyline and its quests will take you around a dozen hours or so and it's enjoyable stuff that will certainly please those who enjoyed what Titan Quest had to offer. In Titan Quest it appeared that you had dealt with the Titans but as it turns out that wasn't quite the case. The new adventure begins in Rhodes and eventually you'll have to descend into Hades, challenge Cerberus and fight on the banks of the River Styx. You'll get to fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles. It's filled with Greek Mythological references and should more than satisfy fans of Titan Quest.

It's probably best to point out that Immortal Throne is aimed squarely at those who have completed the original Titan Quest. If you're new to the game or haven't finished the original Titan Quest then you're going to have to play through the original storyline first. However, newcomers purchasing Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion (separately or in the double pack Gold Edition) will benefit from some of the improvements that the expansion brings. Inventory management is now much better thanks to being able to auto-sort your inventory and caravan drivers that will look after your items and deliver them to you whenever you need them. The pet AI has been improved making them even more useful assistants. Monster AI has been improved too, to make the game a more challenging experience. The game contains plenty of new artifacts, scrolls and items that all help to make the game a richer experience. Titan Quest offered eight masteries but those who create a new character in Immortal Throne will also have access to a new Dream Mastery. These attacks range from simply putting your enemy to sleep (Sands of Sleep) to the ability to call forth phantasms (Summon Nightmare) and unleashing a bolt of psionic energy that deals massive damage to your enemies (Temporal Rift).

In Titan Quest if your character was killed they would simply lose some XP and reappear at the last Rebirth Fountain. In Immortal Throne your character will also reappear at a Rebirth Fountain but your character's corpse will be replaced by a tombstone. By finding and touching this tombstone with your character you'll gain back some of the XP your character lost by dying. However, should your character die again before the original tombstone is reached a second tombstone will appear and the original one will disappear, along with the chance to reclaim your character's XP. Existing players will be pleased to learn that ten new character levels have been added and higher level items (in fact there are 500 new items in the game now) are also available to enrich the experience. Throw in a range of tweaks to the multiplayer game such as an improved lobby and the inclusion of an auto-party feature and it's easy to see that this is a very worthwhile expansion.

All things considered, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is an essential expansion for fans of Titan Quest. The new storyline is enjoyable and provides a solid twelve hours or so of gameplay, which is what you'd expect from an expansion. The new features not only improve the game for existing players but also makes starting a new game with new characters all the more enjoyable as the new features impact the original game in terms of how it plays. It's still the same in terms of its deaf gamer friendliness and graphically the game still looks good (some of the Dream Mastery attacks look quite impressive) and you'll still need a decent PC to play the game at higher resolutions. Titan Quest fans will love it and those who are interested in playing the game but have not played Titan Quest will be pleased to learn that a Gold Edition pack can be purchased that contains both Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne and this costs no more than Titan Quest did when it was released last year, which represents excellent value for money.

Overall Game Rating 8.6/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification C
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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is a great expansion for Titan Quest that not only adds a satisfying amount of new areas to the game but also a wealth of new items and features for existing players that will not only enhance their existing characters from Titan Quest but also make players want to replay the original game through again to take full advantage of the new features.