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Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz PlayStation 2

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by: Relentless Software Ltd.
Release Date: Out Now

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s that time of year again when parents and gamers alike (and gaming parents of course) are looking for stocking fillers. One of the better stocking fillers for PlayStation 2 owners over the last few years has been the Buzz! Quiz games. Having four easy to use controllers as standard (and with support for eight if you have a second set of Buzz! controllers) the game is one of those rare titles that the whole family can enjoy, regardless of their prior experience of playing games. For Christmas 2007 we have a game that all movie goers should really enjoy, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz.

If you’ve played a Buzz! game before you’ll know exactly how this all works. The PlayStation 2 controller isn’t used and instead you’ll plug the Buzz! hub (which has four Buzz! controllers attached to it) into one of the USB ports. You just have to press the relevant coloured button on the controller in order to answer the question. Occasionally you’ll need to press the big red Buzz! button to perform actions such as having to stop the wheel spinning in order to pick a subject to answer a question on, or you can simply press it to skip various game type descriptions etc. In fact the controllers are simplicity themselves and this is why the Buzz! titles are so accessible to non-gamers.

Aside from the Hollywood theme of the questions there is little difference between Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz and previous titles in the quiz series. You’ll get to play either a standard game or an extended game. You can play a custom game or a quickfire quiz and there is even the option to play in quizmaster mode. You’ll get to create your profile and pick one of the zany avatars on offer to represent you. The game includes around 5,000 questions and as before the game can use your memory card to keep track of the questions that have been asked to avoid repetition. Even the majority of the different rounds on offer are what you would have seen before in previous titles.

Previous Buzz! titles have featured the zany presenter with the blond quiff hairdo and once again he’s back to present the madcap quiz fun with his dolly bird assistant. The previous games have had a few presentational problems as far as deaf gamers are concerned. Whilst the questions and instructions on how to play the games are in text, the presenter’s comments and all of the dialogue that’s given during the game’s setup has always been lost on deaf gamers because none of it has ever been subtitled. Unfortunately, the same can be said of Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, which is a real shame. Deaf gamers will once again miss out on all the presentational dialogue. The various rounds are all playable however. What I did notice is that in the Final Countdown round the presenter will verbally notify you of a reduction in the time you’re given to answer a question. Deaf gamers will be completely unaware of this.

If you’re a movie buff and have enjoyed previous titles in the Buzz! series, you’re sure to enjoy what Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz has to offer. It’s as enjoyable as ever and in many ways it’s not that different from previous Buzz! quizzes, aside from the subject covered of course, and to some extent that’s a little disappointing. Still, if you’ve enjoyed the previous games and are interested in the movies you’ll definitely want to pick up Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz. More effort could have been made to freshen things up and better support for deaf gamers is long overdue.

Overall Game Rating 7.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification D
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