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EyeToy: Play Astro Zoo PlayStation 2

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by: London Studio
Release Date: Out Now

The EyeToy games have covered a variety of subjects such as crazy sports mini-games and keeping fit but this is the first time you’ll get to help out at a zoo in deep space. A comet has narrowly missed the Astro Zoo and has caused it to spin out if its orbit. Each of the zoo’s four zones (Polar Dome, Woodland Hub, Jungle Pod and Marine Bubble) have been muddled up and it’s up to you to sort out the zones in time for its grand reopening.

Each zone is made up of initially five mini-games. To complete all of the games in a zone you’ll have to not only complete them within the specified time limit but also complete them within a smaller time frame to gain a perfect score. The games are as wacky as ever and like every other EyeToy game to date; you’ll be waving your arms around madly in order to achieve your goal. You’ll be helping to shear sheep, flapping a shark’s uvula to make him (or her) cough up junk, freeing frozen animals by playing a pinball type mini-game and closing hatches to prevent polar bears food from drifting into space amongst other things. The games, for the most part, are quite enjoyable and appealing to younger children.

The game’s presentation will be familiar to anyone who has played an EyeToy game before. The cartoon-style visuals suit the mood of the game. The game’s menus can either be navigated with the controller or by waving your hands over the various on screen buttons. Disappointingly the game is just as woeful for deaf gamers as many of the other EyeToy titles. The game has no subtitles and deaf gamers will be completely unaware of all the game’s dialogue. You do receive a brief text description of each mini-games' objective but that’s about it. The game can still be played without any major problems but it’s unfortunate to see another EyeToy title not catering for deaf gamers.

EyeToy: Play Astro Zoo is one of the more imaginative EyeToy titles to date. It also allows a second player to join in and assist, which is a good addition as it allows an adult to lend a hand to a younger gamer if the need arises. In fact, it’s fair to say that EyeToy: Play Astro Zoo is definitely aimed at the younger gamer. Essentially though it’s the same arm waving experience as the other EyeToy titles and it’s just as poor in its support for deaf gamers as previous titles. If you’re a fan of the EyeToy games then you’ll probably enjoy EyeToy: Play Astro Zoo but there’s nothing here to appeal to those who haven't enjoyed any of the previous EyeToy experiences.

Overall Game Rating 6.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification D
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