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MotoGP 07 PlayStation 2

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Milestone
Release Date: Out Now

MotoGP 07 from Capcom and Milestone is, in many ways, a no frills MotoGP experience. It’s a game that, with the assists turned off, definitely feels more realistic than most MotoGP games that have appeared on a console to date and it’s a game that’s definitely going to appeal more to those who are looking for a simulation rather than a pick up and play arcade style racer.

As you’d expect from an officially licensed MotoGP game, MotoGP 07 comes complete with all of the 18 official tracks from the 2007 season and all of the bikes and riders. The game offers a variety of modes including Quick Race, Time Attack, Championship, Challenges and Multiplayer. Challenges offers 100 different challenges for you to complete and essentially offers a way to test your driving skills. Multiplayer offers the chance to play Quick Race, Time Attack and Championship against a friend via split-screen. There is no online mode however. The Championship only lets you play as one of the official riders and you can’t create your own custom rider.

Offering four difficulty levels and three different riding models (Arcade, Advanced and Simulation), MotoGP 07 can be made to be as difficult or as easy an experience as you wish. You can tone things down by using the Arcade riding model, turning the difficulty down to its lowest setting and racing with the ideal racing line displayed, which essentially makes the game a very easy experience. Of course you can also opt for the Simulation riding model and turn the AI to its most difficult setting for a game that will take you months to conquer. The only annoyance I have with the AI, on the whole, is that it tends to be slightly aggressive. I have been banged into more than a few times when there was no need. These collisions ending up sending my rider across the tarmac. Strangely enough though, banging into the AI in a similar fashion doesn’t seem to knock them from their bike, which is a little unfair. The game allows you to configure the controls how you see fit. I didn’t like the default controls of having the front brake mapped to the square button (the rear brake is mapped to the R2 button) and I was thankful that I could choose the L2 button as the front brake, which made racing far more enjoyable.

In regards to its presentation, MotoGP 07 is a little on the basic side. Graphically, the game simply looks OK. The tracks all look good, if a little bland at times. The bike models are also respectable and the animations look quite good too. The game allows you to play from a variety of camera angles so if you want to go for realism and play from a realistic driving view, you can. The frame rate does dip on the odd occasion but these dips are only slight and they certainly have no detrimental effect on the game. The load times are also a little lengthy.

MotoGP 07 won’t cause deaf gamers any problems. The main reason for this is that there doesn’t appear to be any speech in the game. The races have commentary and the movie clips that play before each championship event have no speech. The game’s tutorial messages are in text. When you first play the game you’re invited to take a tutorial. This is essentially a race that provides text feedback to point out what you’re doing wrong, as well as pointing out if the game thinks you ought to be using a more complex riding model. An icon will appear on the top right of the screen showing you when more tutorial information has been added. You simply have to press the start button to access the tutorial information you have been given. The force feedback has been used to good effect and adds a nice tangible quality to the experience.

MotoGP 07 is a game for those who are looking for a more realistic racing experience than what you usually find in a console motorcycle racing game. We aren’t saying this is a pure simulation in the vein of Microprose’s GP500 but it’s definitely more demanding than most MotoGP titles we’ve seen in recent years, if you choose the appropriate settings within the game. Essentially MotoGP 07 only lacks in the variety of modes it offers and some may be turned off by its no frills presentation. Those looking for a challenging experience though, will enjoy the game.

Overall Game Rating 7.2/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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