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Bomberman Land Touch! 2 DS

Published by: Rising Star Games
Developed by: Hudson
Release Date: Out Now

Bomberman has been a popular gaming series, across various formats, for years but the quality of the titles has been a little inconsistent at times. Recently things have improved however. Bomberman made a first class appearance on the Xbox 360 with Bomberman Live and last year we reviewed the not too shabby Bomberman Story DS which mixed a decent story mode with excellent multiplayer options. Needless to say then that I was rather pleased when Bomberman Land Touch! 2 arrived for review.

Bomberman Land Touch 2 offers a Story Mode, a Battle Mode and an Attractions Mode. In the Story Mode you'll play as Cheerful White in an adventure set in the Bom-Bom Kingdom theme park that's run by Star Bomber. Cheerful White is accompanied by his companions Kid Blue, Bookworm Green, Cute Pink, Giant Gold and Cool Black. The theme park is split into zones with each zone containing its own mini-games. On completing a mini-game you'll earn a piece (there are star, moon, sunny and earth pieces to collect). Once you've earned enough pieces in a zone you'll gain access to another zone that has more mini-games for you to play. Attractions Mode allows you to play any of the mini-games you've cleared in the Story Mode. Battle Mode is the classic Bomberman experience and allows for offline and online play for up to eight players (only four players can participate when using the Nintendo Wi-Fi service) with a single copy of the game.

With the bulk of Bomberman Land Touch! 2 being focused on mini-games, it's fair to say then that the quality of the mini-games is all important. In total there are over 40 mini-games and for the most part the games are enjoyable. The games range from skipping to shooting bombs, steering rafts to soccer. The variety of the mini-games on offer is actually quite impressive. The games make good use of the touch screen and are intuitive. In Story Mode you'll have to obtain a certain score to clear a mini-game and some of the games can be quite challenging. Should you repeatedly fail a mini-game you're given the option to receive help, which is a good inclusion to prevent frustration from creeping in and I daresay is something younger gamers will appreciate.

Deaf gamers won't have any problems with Bomberman Land Touch! 2. All of the dialogue in the Story Mode is in text. The dialogue has character portraits and names placed above the text so you're always aware of who is saying what. All of the instructions for the mini-games are given in text so you'll never be unsure of what needs to be done. The game manual has been well written and answers just about any question you might have about the game which is more than you can say for most games these days.

Owners of Bomberman Land Touch might be a little bit peeved that Bomberman Land Touch! 2 has reused some of the content of the original game. If you didn't purchase the original game then this won't be an issue for you but if you did you might be a little disappointed that some mini-games have been reused and that aside from a few differences, mainly thanks to the game having a new storyline, there isn't a great deal of difference between the two games. That said however, if you didn't purchase the original game and you have a choice of the two then this is the one to go for. The mini-games are enjoyable, have been well thought out and offer plenty of variety. It's great that up to eight players can enjoy the classic Battle Mode with just a single copy of the game. Even if you don't have the opportunity to engage in a spot of multiplayer fun though, the quality and the amount of mini-games on offer make this a solid purchase for any DS owner.

Overall Game Rating 7.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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