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Bomberman Land Wii Wii

Published by: Rising Star Games
Developed by: Hudson
Release Date: Out Now

In Bomberman Land Wii you'll play as Cheerful White and the game begins with him improving his suntan at the beach. However, he soon receives an invite to Bomberman Land and watches the ceremony that crowns the first champion of Bomberman Land. The newly crowned champion looks like one mean customer however and Cheerful White has been asked, by the director of Bomberman Land, to go along and attempt to become champion himself. When his friends, Cool Black and Cute Pink, come along and say that they too are going, Cheerful White decides to take himself off to Bomberman Land.

Bomberman Land has three main modes. Story Mode tells the tale of Cheerful White and his exploits in Bomberman Land, Attractions Mode allows you to play the Bomberman Land attractions in isolation whilst Battle Mode offers the classic Bomberman experience with six different battle styles on offer. Both the Attractions Mode and Battle Mode allow up to four players to participate. Rather disappointing is the lack of an online mode. Bomberman Land Touch! 2 for the DS offered online play for up to four players so it's baffling as to why Bomberman Land Wii has no online support.

For the most part then Bomberman Land Wii is a collection of mini-games. The game's Story Mode adds a little more depth by throwing in a few RPG elements (you can earn TP, the game's currency, by practising the mini-games which you can then use to unlock zones and purchase outfits for your character which is important as looking stylish can earn you extra TP) and a storyline that won't exactly get the pulse racing but it's all about the mini-games. The quality of the mini-games on offer, distributed between five different zones, is rather mixed. Some games make use of the motion-sensing controls and others don't. It's to the developers' credit however that the motion-sensing isn't overused or used in ways that isn't appropriate.

In Bomberman Land Wii it's essential you master the mini-games because failure to do well will halt your progress through the five zones. This may seem like a clever move to encourage you to appreciate all of the mini-games on offer but it means that you're going to be forced to play the ones you don't like (and aren't that good at) over and over again until you're finally good at it and at times this can be very irritating and if you aren't the kind of person that is prepared to persevere with a mini-game that's rather infuriating it's probably fair to say that there will be times when you won't enjoy the game.

Bomberman Land Wii is quite a mediocre looking game. Graphically there's nothing here that couldn't have been done on the Dreamcast or PlayStation 2 and that's a little disappointing. The game does have that bright and cheery look to it that Bomberman games are well known for and on the whole the game looks quite pleasant but it's certainly nothing special. With the game having no real speech, all of the dialogue is text only meaning deaf gamers will have absolutely no problems at all. All of the tutorial messages are shown in text and all of the mini-game instructions are in text so you'll always know what needs to be done.

After two enjoyable Bomberman Land games on the DS we were hoping that Bomberman Land Wii would at least be of the same quality. Unfortunately it hasn't quite turned out that way and if you own both a Wii and a DS you'd be better off sticking with either Bomberman Land Touch or Bomberman Land Touch! 2 for the DS. That said however, Bomberman Land Wii is a decent collection of some rather good mini-games and having the classic Bomberman game included, in the shape of Battle Mode, adds value to the overall package. With no online play and the way that the Story Mode is structured (with you needing to master practically every game going) Bomberman Land Wii isn't as appealing as it could have been.

Overall Game Rating 6.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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