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Bratz: Girlz Really Rock Wii

Published by: Play THQ
Developed by: Blitz Games Limited
Release Date: Out Now

Let's make it perfectly clear that if you're not a fan of the Bratz toys you're not going to appreciate what Bratz: Girlz Really Rock has to offer. If you're a pre-Teen girl (or boy with a peculiar taste in toys) and you play with your favourite Bratz dolls on a regular basis then this game is squarely aimed at you, provided you own a Nintendo Wii of course. As a game in its own right it's not particularly worthwhile and it depends on the appeal of the Bratz licence rather more than it should.

The Bratz are attending Camp Starshine, a summer school for students of the performing arts. They meet Anna, a lonely ballerina who has tragically missed out on fun and friendship because she's been so dedicated to her dancing. Anna is low on confidence and it's up to the Bratz to cheer her up. Of course the Bratz also want to perform and when they are notified that a film director will be at the camp, they naturally get all excited about having a film made about them.

Bratz fans will probably get excited about the option to dress up the Bratz in some of the Bratz range of clothes. You'll also have the ability to tinker with their makeup. The game even allows you to take care of animals. You can send text messages to characters that you meet and they will send them to you too. For most of the game you'll essentially be running errands and playing mini-games. Moving around Camp Starshine isn't as straightforward as it should be thanks to a slightly awkward control scheme. You have to hold down the B button and direct your character with the Wii remote. It seems like it should be simple enough but it's messy to say the least. Even without this control issue, none of this is particularly exciting and the mini-games are  uninspiring to say the least.

There are five mini-games: X-treme Skydiving, Rockin' Guitar, Jammin' Keyboard, Sizzlin' Moves and Mini-Golf Madness. In truth there are only three mini-games as Rockin' Guitar, Jammin' Keyboard and Sizzlin' Moves are essentially the same rhythm based game where you have to press the A, B and A+B buttons at the correct time. As far as rhythm games go it's a simplistic affair but at least it's more enjoyable than X-treme Skydiving which is just plain awful. Still Mini-Golf Madness is a half-decent mini-golf game that you might want to play more than once.

The presentation of Bratz: Girlz Really Rock suffices. Graphically, the game is a on a par with a basic looking PlayStation 2 game which is disappointing seeing as we playing on the Wii which, in theory at least, should have games that look much better than this. The game does offer subtitles although the subtitles don't have any character names or portraits displayed next to them and at times it's not possible to figure out who is saying what. The Wii remote speaker is used to signify that the Bratz mobile phone has received a text message. This would be a problem if it were not for the icon displayed on the screen which also highlights that a message has been received. The songs in the mini-games are subtitled but the ones in the cutscenes aren't. This isn't much of a problem however.

As we said at the top of the review, this is only a game that will appeal to those who just can't get enough of the Bratz products and must have a game based on them. As a mini-game collection, not that it's being marketed as such, it's extremely weak and those who would ordinarily not be interested in the Bratz toys will not find anything here to interest them. The main problem I have with the game is the asking price of just under £30 because for that price there are plenty of better games to consider. Had it been £15 then it might have been a decent purchase for a Bratz enthusiast but at virtually twice the price you'd be better holding off until it hits the bargain bin.

Overall Game Rating 4.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification C
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