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PlayStation Network Collection: Puzzle Pack PSP

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Release Date: Out Now

The second PlayStation Network Collection pack we'll look at is the Puzzle Pack. It's comes with three different games: Go! Puzzle, Go! Sudoku and Lemmings. In some ways it's a more appealing package than the Power Pack we've looked at recently and there are no issues as far as deaf gamers are concerned, with no problems in either game and the games having text tutorials, which is certainly good news. Whereas the Power Pack was quite good value for money, unless you discounted Beats which was unsuitable for deaf gamers, there is no doubt that the Puzzle Pack represents exceptional value for money as long as you don't already own some of the games that are on offer here.

Go! Puzzle (£3.49 from the PlayStation Store) is arguably the weakest of the bunch. It's comprised of three different puzzle games and two, at least, are poorer versions of classic puzzle games. Swizzle Blocks plays an awful like Hexic only you're dealing with coloured blocks here. The idea is to make blocks disappear by joining four blocks of the same colour by rotating them. When playing Aquatica you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's a pale imitation of Tetris because that's largely what it is, albeit with a watery theme. Skyscraper is certainly more original. You have to navigate a skyscraper floor by floor within the time limit. Each floor has a series of coloured tiles and the trick is that you can only step on one colour per floor. It's a tricky beast to say the least but it's quite addictive once you're familiar with how it plays. All three games have multiple modes and support single and multiplayer gaming.

Go! Sudoku (£9.99 from the PlayStation Store) does exactly what you would expect a Sudoku game to do. The game offers three different modes: Solo Sudoku, Pass Sudoku (for multiplayer gaming with just one PSP) and Wireless Multiplayer. The game has a clean and uncluttered look to it. The controls and interface are absolutely fine and there are more Sudoku puzzles here than most would have time to solve in a decade. In short it's ideal for anyone who wants a Sudoku game to play on their PSP.

Lemmings isn't currently available to purchase on the PlayStation Store (at least I couldn't find it) but it's exactly the same game that shipped on the PSP back in 2006, a game which we awarded 8/10. The game can still be purchased separately for £14.99 so its inclusion here is a real bargain and makes the Puzzle Pack great value for money. Although there have been many versions of the game over the years, on a multitude of platforms, the basic goal of getting your little lemmings back home safely has never changed. On any given level your lemmings will appear, one by one, through a trap door, hit the ground and begin walking off towards any danger that awaits them. Your goal (in case you're one of the few who have never played a Lemmings game) is to prevent them coming to any harm, by bestowing one of eight special abilities on them so that they can navigate their way safely to the exit point. The game comes with Special and Original levels for you to enjoy. Under the Original section you'll find 120 levels from the original Lemmings. These are split into Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem levels with each category having 30 levels. There are 36 levels in the Special category that are brand new levels which have never appeared in any previous Lemmings game. The game even comes with an editor for you to create your own custom levels.

If puzzle games are your thing and you don't own any on the games on offer in the PlayStation Network Collection: Puzzle Pack, it's quite simply too good an offer to ignore. The total asking price would be almost £29 if you bought the games separately so having them for just £14.99 (actually the Puzzle Pack can be purchased for as low as £12.99 online) is excellent. Lemmings by itself is worth the asking price but when you throw in a perfectly fine Go! Sudoku game too, it's quite easy to forgive the unimaginative and lacklustre Go! Puzzle.

Overall Game Rating 8.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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