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CID The Dummy Wii

Published by: Oxygen Interactive
Developed by: Twelve Interactive

A game where you play as a crash-test dummy should be a lot of fun. If you think about it you can honestly imagine a lot of possibilities for such a game especially in these days of advanced physics and sophisticated damage modelling. With an imaginative storyline and some clever game-play mechanics such a game could offer up something really worthwhile. Unfortunately, CID The Dummy doesn't make the most of this promising concept and we're left with a game that does little to hold your attention.

CID The Dummy is an action-platform title which puts you in the shoes of CID, a crash-test dummy who's fed up with his lot in life. His creator, Professor B.M. Werken, needs to find his missing daughter, MIA, and decides that CID is the dummy for the job. CID is equipped with an ESS system (essentially a special suit and a bazooka gun) and sets off to find the Professor's daughter. Naturally in a game such as this there is a nemesis to fight and CID will have to deal with the armies of D-Troit. A one time friend of the Professor, D-Troit has been an enemy of his since an experiment went wrong and he was injured. D-Troit has an army of evil dummies just waiting for him to give the order to attack.

The combat in the game is pretty straightforward, if a little uninspiring. For the most part the enemies won't cause you too many problems although some are quite powerful and you'll want to pick them off from range using CID's bazooka. The platform game elements have been kept simple and whilst this may initially seem like a good thing, it soon becomes repetitive doing the same actions over and over again. The better games in the genre, such as the Mario titles, help to keep things interesting by throwing in cleverly designed levels and giving you temporary abilities but CID relies too heavily on wall jumps, super runs, timed button presses and a poor attempt at stealth to get through the game.

So far then it would be fair to describe the game as a mediocre affair but there are a few problems that manage to make the experience even more dissatisfying. Some of the controls that rely on Wii remote gestures are not as responsive as they should be. I found that CID didn't always draw his bazooka gun and at times the game doesn't immediately detect when you're trying to carry out a super run (which is crucial for time limited puzzles). To make matters worse, the game does not allow you to save your progress during a level and checkpoints are few and far between. This makes the game much more irritating than it should be and as a result you'll need to be a very patient person indeed to make it through a few levels, let alone the whole game.

Graphically, CID The Dummy isn't anything special. Thankfully the game is played from a 2D, side-on perspective so you don't have to concern yourself with having to control  the camera angles. The graphical quality of the game could have been better and there's nothing here that couldn't be done with ease on the GameCube or PlayStation 2. If there's a criticism to make it's that the levels could have been better designed and more visually appealing. The game looks rather bland in places and this does nothing to help a game that's already short on personality. In the game's defence there are some pretty decent character animations not least of which are CID's who really does look like a crash-dummy being flung about at times.

For the most part CID The Dummy won't cause deaf gamers any problems. The game is subtitled and the subtitles are enabled by default. There are no character names or portraits to accompany the dialogue but the subtitles are colour-coded, so it's usually clear who is saying what. Some comments aren't subtitled however. CID will sometimes say things like 'Not such a dummy now am I?' when performing a move such as a wall jump. These omissions won't cause any problems. Tutorial messages are shown in text and you even get some animations of the Professor showing you how to perform certain moves to help clarify the text instructions. You'll see a visual representation of any time limits you have and your objectives are displayed in text so you'll always be aware of what needs to be done.

Unless you are on a mission to acquire every platform game going on the Wii, it's tough to recommend CID The Dummy. There's nothing particularly rotten about the game but neither is there anything to pique your interest. The storyline also leaves a lot to be desired and does nothing to give the game some much needed charm. As a platform title it never manages to rise above mediocrity and when you add in the game's frustrating aspects, mainly due to the lack of checkpoints, and a few control issues you have a game that does very little to appeal.

Overall Game Rating 3.5/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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