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PDC World Championship Darts DS

Published by: Oxygen Games
Developed by: ABDUÇÃO

Having already seen PDC World Championship Darts 2009 for the Wii I was wondering what the DS version of the game would have in the way of innovation? The answer is that it doesn't have much at all and this is pretty much a standard darts game for the DS.

PDC World Championship Darts offers Exhibition, Tournament, Career and Party Games modes for you to enjoy. Exhibition mode allows up to two players to take part in a one-off match of 301, 501, 701 and their respective double in variants. Tournament mode allows up to five players to compete in custom tournaments, leagues, US Open, UK Open, World Matchplay, Las Vegas DC, World Grand Prix, German Darts Championship and World Championship competitions. As you might expect, a Career mode allows you to play through a virtual career as one of sixteen professional darts players. Sadly you can't create a custom player to play through the Career mode with. Party Games is a mode for up to four players and offers games such as 301, 501, 701, Around the Clock, Around the Clock - Doubles 'n' Trebles, Black 'n' White, Cricket US, Cricket UK, Fives, Twenty-One, Knockout, Odd Man In, Shanghai and Killer. Finally there's a Wireless mode which allows two players to play a game of 501 against each other with just a single copy of the game.

To throw the darts you'll simply touch the area of the board you wish to aim at, and attempt to move the stylus down in a straight line until the optimum power level has been attained (indicated on the meter that's displayed on the lower left of the touch screen). Finally you'll gently flick the stylus upwards to complete the throw. It's a simple control system that works quite well. It's not as good as the one in SEGA's Touch Darts but there isn't much of a learning curve to it and as long as you've got a fairly steady hand, it's quite straightforward.

The game's presentation is fairly simple and rather bland. The touch screen is reserved for displaying a close up view of the dartboard and the top screen displays a crude animation of the dart being thrown which is essentially a waste of time as you'll mostly have your eyes on the bottom screen. The top screen also displays the score and indicates what doubles you need to finish. The game won't cause deaf gamers any problems. The match commentary isn't subtitled but this is essentially a blessing in disguise as it's highly repetitive. In every other respect the game is fine however.

Essentially PDC World Championship Darts for the DS is a decent darts game. There's nothing essentially disappointing about the game but there's nothing here to interest those who already own a darts game that they enjoy. The control system is good enough but it doesn't feel as good as the one in SEGA's Touch Darts. That said, you do have the PDC licence and sixteen professional darts players included although, like the game itself, this is something that's only going to appeal to darts enthusiasts who want to pay more for the game than for a real set of darts and a dartboard.

Overall Game Rating 6.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification C
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