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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PSP

Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami

I don't think that anyone can deny that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 have seen the series begin to get back on track but how is the series shaping up on the other formats? Here we take a look at the PSP version of the game and find that aside from the addition of the extra modes and a Friend Card feature there's not a lot here that you won't have seen before if you've played the last few Pro Evolution Soccer games on the PSP.

Last year we bemoaned the lack of a UEFA Champions League mode in the PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. This year it's been included boasting similar levels of presentation as the same mode in the other versions of the game we've seen. If you also own the PlayStation 2 version of the game, you can share saved data from the Champions League mode between the two versions which is certainly a welcome feature. The mode even supports Ad Hoc play too, which makes it even more appealing. The other new mode here is the Legends mode which allows you to play casual matches and competitions in Ad Hoc mode. The Master League mode now allows you to participate in the Champions League for instance. The other modes in the game are: Become A Legend, League, Cup, Training, Edit and Match (essentially an exhibition mode). Some of the existing modes have been tweaked a little.

When you first load up the game you'll be asked to create a friend card. You'll register your player file to this card. The friend card is exchanged after every game you play with friends in Ad Hoc mode. The friend card keeps a record of how well you've done in multiplayer games. The one disappointment I have with the multiplayer options is that there is no online play in the PSP version. You can play a variety of modes in Ad Hoc multiplayer which is pleasing but it seems silly to completely miss out the option of allowing online play which gives those who don't have PSP owning friends the chance to play against human opposition.

This year you can exchange even more data between the PSP and PlayStation 2 versions of the game. You can send and receive Edit, Master League, League, Cup and UEFA Champions League data to the PlayStation 2 version. We don't have access to the PlayStation 2 version, so we can't really comment on how well this works, although having so many modes which can share data with the PlayStation 2 version of the game is certainly impressive. You do have to wonder why you don't have the ability to share some data with the PlayStation 3 version however.

Features aside however, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is slightly disappointing when you head out on to the pitch. The main reason for this is that if you've been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for the last year, you're not going to notice much difference at all in how the game plays. The AI for the most part is good and puts up a decent challenge. The goalkeepers do spill the ball more than is acceptable however and it almost feels like a cheat goal when either you or the AI benefits from non-stick abilities of the keeper's gloves.

The quality of graphics in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 don't seem to have improved at all, at least if they have it's hardly noticeable. Probably even more disappointing is that there only appears to be one stadium present in the game rather than the generous amount that you have in other versions of the game. Whilst the frame rate holds up nicely, the load times in the game are tediously long and can be a test of your patience. Fortunately you can install data to the memory stick and this does shorten the load times somewhat but even doing this doesn't exactly leave you with zippy loading times.

In regards to the game's deaf gamer friendliness, nothing has changed from last year. The match commentary isn't subtitled but there is hardly any here. It's certainly not a problem to miss out an exclamation such as "Amazing Goal!" when a goal has been scored. All of the important information in the game is shown visually through the use of text, numbers and icons. Your cursor, which is placed above your player, will flash in Become A Legend mode to show when you've requested a pass and a yellow line will highlight when your player is an offside position. In short the game offer no problems for deaf gamers.

All things considered, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a fine game that should please those who want a quality football game to play on their PSP. Whether it will satisfy those who are expecting some worthwhile improvements from last year's Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is debatable however. That said, the addition of the UEFA Champions League mode is welcome and if you also own the PlayStation 2 version of the game, you'll be pleased with the amount of modes that support exchanging data between the two versions. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is one of the better football games on the PSP then but it's not really an upgrade from last year's game and that's a little disappointing.

Overall Game Rating 8.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification B
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