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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii

Published by: EA Sports
Developed by: EA Sports

It's been a couple of years since we last played a Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf game on the Wii and it's fair to say that the series has moved on a bit since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. Of course Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is highly anticipated for mainly one reason: the addition of support for the Wii MotionPlus. There's more to the game than support for Nintendo's new Wii remote add-on however including an absolute feast of game variations, mini-games, arcade games and online play to boot.

There are a multitude of game modes in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Play Now (for up to four players) allows you to jump straight into a variety of game types including Stroke, Skins and Match Play. Selecting Game Modes from the main menu gives you access to Traditional game types, Arcade games and Mini-games. The traditional game types on offer are: Stroke Play, Match Play, Bloodsome, Greensome, Skins, Stableford, Alternate Shot, Best Ball and Four Ball. There are six different arcade games: Elimination, Battle Golf, One-Ball, Team One-Ball, Rings and Disc Golf. The five mini-games are Mini-Putt, Target, T.I.G.E.R. Capture the Flag and Target2Target.

At the heart of the single-player game is My Career mode. Here you can play your way through a PGA Tour Season, jump straight into the FedExCup or take part in the Tournament Challenge mode which offers you a generous amount of scenarios, from recent golfing history, to try your hand at. The PGA Tour Season mode is where most will invest their time and here you'll begin as an amateur and try to qualify for Q-School where it's possible to earn your PGA Tour card. You can configure the amount of rounds per Tour and Major event so that you get through a season more quickly if you choose to do so.

Online play has also been included and features simultaneous play for up to four players meaning you won't have to hang around for others to take their shots making the experience as brisk and enjoyable as though you were playing by yourself. You can compete in online tournaments against fellow gamers from around the globe in a variety of daily and weekly events. You can even compete against the pros real life scores with the same conditions being set for the challenge which is certainly a nice touch for golf aficionados.

Other options include Disc Golf and Golf Party. In Disc Golf you'll throw a  Frisbee instead of hitting a golf ball. You'll earn a penalty stroke for going out of bounds and landing in a bunker. You have three different Frisbees, a driver, a mid-range and a putter to choose from. The game is actually quite enjoyable when playing with up to three friends. Golf Party is a mode for up to four players. You and three friends can compete in a series of mini-games. All players will earn points during an event with the first player earning 1,000 with 850, 650 and 500 going to the second, third and fourth placed players respectively. Points help you to move from the tee toward the cup. The player who reaches the cup first wins the game. In an interesting twist, players can putt between mini-games for a variety of modifiers that can affect both their and their opponents scores. Ball Battle tokens can also be earned allowing you to attempt to gain control of another player's ball by way of a tug-of-war.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the third game we've seen to utilise the Wii MotionPlus and it's certainly the best one. Drives, chips and putts all feel much more satisfying. The Wii MotionPlus claims to give true 1:1 movement tracking and whilst I can't say if that's what we have in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, it certainly must be extremely close as all of the shots you make feel just as you would expect them to making it easier to gauge those subtle chips onto the green and those distance putts. Of course you don't have to use the MotionPlus if you don't want to and you can even purchase the game with or without the accessory. However, if you don't have a MotionPlus you'd be silly to purchase the game without one because you'll basically have a control system that's almost identical to the ones found in previous Wii versions in series.

It's no surprise that the Wii version is the ugly duckling of the home console versions. Graphically we still have a game that looks like it belongs in the last console generation even though it does look better than earlier Wii games in the series. The player models look decent but they don't appear to have any anti-aliasing and do look rather jagged. Graphical quality aside, and the game certainly looks OK on a standard definition, the game's presentation is absolutely fine. Navigating the menus is simply a case of pointing and clicking and it's all very intuitive. Load times are snappy and the frame rate is absolutely fine.

The game has a collection of seven different tutorials ranging from performing a full swing to putting. The tutorials are not subtitled word for word. However, all of the information that is spoken is shown in text making the tutorials absolutely fine for deaf gamers. The commentary isn't subtitled but the quality of it is shocking so whilst it's disappointing that it's not subtitled it's certainly not much of a loss. There are a few videos that aren't subtitled, such as when you enter the Tournament Challenge mode for the first time. Despite these disappointments however, you'll still be able to enjoy the game as all of the essential information is displayed visually, either through text or other means.

Previous Tiger Woods PGA Tour games on the Wii have been good but with the release of the Wii MotionPlus the game's control system has been taken to another level. The Wii version may not have the HD graphics of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions but the quality of the control system and the layer of depth and realism that it adds more than makes up for this. In fact given the choice out of the three versions, this is the one to choose purely because of the quality and realistic nature of the controls.

Overall Game Rating 9.0/10

Deaf Gamers Classification

DGC Classification C
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