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Megamind: Mega Team Unite Wii

Published by: THQ
Developed by: THQ Australia Studios

Megamind: Mega Team Unite is a game that's no doubt been released to coincide with the release of Dreamworks' movie Megamind. I'm always wary about playing games based on movies that I haven't seen but in this case I needn't have been. Megamind: Mega Team Unite is essentially a tedious button-bashing arcade mini-game collection that has very little storyline and certainly doesn’t require you to have seen the movie.

There are five levels in Mega Team Unite and each level is split into nine rounds. Prior to the beginning of a level you'll pick your character and your three companions. These companions can either be AI controlled or three friends can join you in battle (the game supports local multiplayer only however). There are nine playable characters in total, although most of these will be locked when you first start the game. Each of the nine rounds are essentially mini-games in which you'll have to do a specific thing, more often than not it's a question of getting rid of waves of enemies, within the time limit. In some rounds you are even pitted against each other rather than having to work co-operatively against the Doom Syndicate.

In the game's Story mode, once a round has been completed you're given the results and it’s on to the next round and so forth until you've completed the level. Your scores for each round are totalled and the basic idea is to finish top of the table at the end of the level. You'll also earn bonus points for achievements such as collecting the most power-ups, being a damage dodger and collecting the most money bags. The only difference between the two game modes, Story and Battle, is that in Story mode you'll play through the rounds and levels in order whilst in Battle mode you get to choose a custom list of rounds from the various levels in the game.

You're able to pick objects up and throw them, perform melee and ranged attacks (and charged versions of the both attacks), jump, double jump and perform attack jumps amongst other things. There are a selection of power-ups that can give your character a temporary boost. These range from Mega Mode which enables your character to launch instantly into charged attacks to Invulnerability which does the obvious.

Whilst the combat is repetitive and far from being exciting, there's absolutely no problem with the game's control system which feels intuitive. You'll move around using the analogue stick on the nunchuk and target enemies by simply pointing with the Wii remote whilst all of the other functions have been appropriately mapped to the buttons on both the nunchuk and the Wii remote. You will have to shake the remote if your character is stunned or frozen and whilst some may not like this, it is a sensible use of the motion controls.

As far as Wii games go, Mega Team Unite is basic in terms of its graphical quality. Neither the character models nor environments look that good and probably wouldn't have looked any better had the game been released several years ago. The game is played from a side-on perspective so you won't have to worry about camera angles although I do wish it would centre on the character you're controlling when playing with AI companions to give you a clearer view of the action.

Mega Team Unite is subtitled but you'll have to enable them in the options menu. The game’s cut scenes are subtitled so you'll be able to follow the brief snippets of storyline that are present in the game. There are no speakers names placed alongside the subtitles. This is disappointing but it doesn't cause any problems. Comments made during the heat of battle and on the battle result screen are not subtitled. The news broadcaster's comments made prior to the start of a battle are subtitled but those made during the course of a battle are not. During a fight there are times when hazardous objects will enter the battle zone. You will receive a text warning moments before this happens. There are some sounds given out via the Wii remote but none of them are of any importance.

Unless you've seen and loved the movie and absolutely must have a game with characters from the movie in it, Megamind: Mega Team Unite should probably be given a miss. The game is a repetitive, mindless, button-bashing mini-game collection which has very few redeeming qualities. It's a nice touch that up to four players can play through the game's brief story mode but it's just a shame that the core gameplay isn't anything to get excited about.

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