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Time Crisis: Razing Storm PlayStation 3

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by: Namco Bandai

Time Crisis: Razing Storm the first game we've looked at that supports the PS3 remote otherwise known as the PlayStation Move. It's also a game that doesn't need the Move controller and can be played with the standard PS3 controller, although in many respects you wouldn't want to. You can also use the G-Con 3 gun and this works as expected. This review will simply focus on the use of the PlayStation Move controller.

The game is actually a compilation of various light-gun based shooters. You'll find Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version and Deadstorm Pirates included on the disk and it's worth mentioning up front that you'll need to perform a 3,500MB installation before you can play Deadstorm Pirates which may be problematic for some. Each of the games offers support for two players, have difficulty levels to suit all abilities and feel sufficiently different from each other. Unfortunately however, the PlayStation Move is not completely suited to all of the games on offer in this collection.

Deadstorm Pirates puts you in the role of a pirate with a golden gun. You'll fight on the high seas and on a tropical island against hordes of skeleton enemies. It's an on-rails shooter so all you need to be concerned about is pointing and shooting. The game is fun and the controls work well and I would say it's the most enjoyable game in the collection and easily the most accessible due to the fact that you don't have to concern yourself with making use of cover as in the other games.

If you purchased Time Crisis 4 for the PS3 back in 2008 (you can read our review here) you already know what you're getting with Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version. Once again we have an on-rails shooter that is fast paced and fun to play. It's not quite so easy to get into as Deadstorm Pirates and is probably better as a two-player experience. Once again there are no problems with the controls and the Move controller performs just as solidly as if it were a light-gun.

The duff game in the collection is Time Crisis: Razing Storm. The biggest issue I have with the game is that the Move controller just doesn't cut the mustard here but its problems are not simply confined to controller issues. It's not just a case of point and shoot in Razing Storm and you'll need to use the controller to look around as well as to aim with. You'll also need the navigation controller to accompany the Move or the left half of a standard controller to move your character around. To put it bluntly, the control system is a mess and whilst the AI in the game isn't that challenging, and at times makes no use of cover at all, you'll find yourself coming unstuck thanks to the unwieldy controls which makes the whole thing frustrating. Even the included online modes can't salvage anything from this train wreck of a game.

The game's presentation is pretty much as you'd expect. The games look as good as the arcade versions, although it has to be said that they aren't as visually pleasing as you would expect for games appearing on the PlayStation 3. All three games are subtitled so you'll be able to following the dialogue in each of the games. Only in Razing Storm will you see character portraits next to the text and be fully aware of who is saying what but it's not really much of a problem in the other games. All instructions and warning (such as the reload message) are given in text so none of the games here should pose any real problems.

Only two out of the three included games in this compilation are comfortable to play with the PlayStation Move and that's a bit of a disappointment. The game's that do work well, Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version feel just the same as if you're playing with a light-gun. The controls are accurate and the games are a lot of fun to play in short bursts, particularly if you're playing with a friend. Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a big disappointment as both a game and in regards to how it controls. The game is a complete mess and if this were the only game on the disk it would be a complete waste of money. Thankfully however, Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version manage to make this a decent choice if you're looking for an arcade style shooter.

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