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The Shoot PlayStation 3

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by: Cohort Studios

In this early phase of the PlayStation Move's existence, it seems that developers are keen to make the point that the Move controller, like the Wii remote before it, makes a good substitute for a light-gun. Time Crisis: Razing Storm proved this and now The Shoot proves it too. The Shoot does demonstrate a little more of what the Move controller can do however but it's a short, shallow and repetitive experience that's far too short lived.

The Shoot is a basic light-gun style shooter which, in the game's Career mode, gives you five movies to play through. Each of the game's movies are split into four scenes and you'll need to attain the required score for the movie to unlock the subsequent one. The movies have various themes. Outlawed for instance puts you in the Wild West whilst Robotomus Crimes has you dealing with waves of rogue robots and The Mob is a movie that has you dealing with gangsters. In each film you'll have to shoot the bad guys whilst taking care not to hit civilians. Perform well and you'll please your director (causing his gauge, in the top right corner of the screen, to fill). Perform badly and his gauge will empty. Upset him enough and you'll have to do another take.

You won't simply be pointing and shooting in The Shoot. There are three special abilities that you'll activate by racking up your combo multiplier score (by hitting enemies with successive hits). Showtime is an ability that allows you to slowdown time and take out hordes of enemies whilst they are in slow motion. Shockwave allows you to take out a wave of enemies with one hit and Rampage allows you quick fire all of your enemies making mincemeat out of them in the process. To use these abilities (once you're able to activate them), you'll need to take advantage of the Move's motion sensing abilities. For instance, with Showtime you'll have to spin around and to activate Rampage you must point the controller up into the air. You'll have to dodge various objects, weapons and rockets that are hurled your way and you can lean to either side to do this. These extra actions all work well but don't do much to liven up the experience.

In fact if there's a criticism of The Shoot it's that it's not long enough before everything becomes incredibly repetitive. Whilst it's nice to have five different movies, you are doing the same things in each one. Yes the look of the enemies may change but this does absolutely nothing to make the various movies feel like fresh experiences. It also doesn't help that you could have seen everything the game has to offer with just a few hours play. Score Attack and Challenges are two additional challenge based modes which do extend the experience a little but unless you're all out to earn trophies it's not a game you'll revisit often. Thankfully there is support for two players to get in on the act in the Score Attack and Challenges modes but there's no getting away from how short an experience The Shoot is.

The game's visuals are decent, although it really should look a little better for a PlayStation 3 game. The enemies are simply wooden cutouts which smash when they are hit. The various environments feature a nice amount of destructible objects and it's great to see just how much of the environment you can shoot to bits. Load times are rather long however and the frame rate isn't as smooth as it could be at times.

The Shoot is the second PlayStation Move title that we've seen which isn't subtitled (the other one being The Fight) and that's incredibly disappointing. The tutorial isn’t subtitled (although there are some tutorial text messages displayed they don't provide the same level of information). It's also unfortunate that you have to sit through the tutorial before you can get on with the main game as it’s a rather tedious experience for deaf gamers. The movies aren't subtitled and there are a lot of comments from the director that you'll be unaware of. Thankfully these are just repetitive comments that can easily be ignored. The game is still playable for deaf gamers, as all of the crucial information is shown visually, but it's a real shame that there's a lot of verbal content here that deaf gamers will be unaware of.

It's been a long time since light-gun style shooters were really popular and it's certainly interesting how we've already seen a couple that make use of the PlayStation Move controller. Whilst The Shoot may use the controller in a more innovative way than Time Crisis: Razing Storm, it's easily the inferior game. There's not a lot of content here but the chances are you'll become bored with its repetitive nature long before you'll see all of the game's content and that would only take you a few hours. It doesn't help that the game isn't subtitled. Out of a choice of two light-gun style shooters for the PlayStation Move, The Shoot is second best.

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