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The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack PC DVD

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: The Sims Studio

The Sims 3: Late Night Pack is the third expansion pack for The Sims 3. It’s easy to think of it as being to The Sims 3 what the Hot Date and Nightlife expansions were to The Sims and The Sims 2 respectively. In many ways it is but there are some other things here in addition to features that are simply about spicing up your Sims’ social life. You’ll now be able to house your Sims in high-rise apartments, make them famous and even turn them into a vampire if you wish. The expansion also gives you more control over customising the look of your Sims.

Like every other expansion in The Sims series, Late Night comes with a good assortment of new locations, clothes, careers (you can even form your own music group if you wish and perform in a variety of clubs) and other items to expand your Sims’ world. You’re also getting a new neighbourhood called Bridgeport which is primarily aimed at young adult Sims. Bridgeport has plenty of high-rise apartments which you can purchase either furnished or unfurnished. Apartments are far cheaper than houses and as such this gives your Sim much more money to spend on other things. You do have the hassle of having to wait for your Sim to go up and down the elevator when exiting their apartment however.

Of course it’s the social scene in The Sims 3 that Late Night was intended to enhance and those who were looking forward to this aspect will not be disappointed. There’s a variety of hot spots for your Sims to boogie the night away but there’s more to visiting these locations than simply boosting the social needs of your Sims. Some of these locations aren’t accessible to everyday Sims however, unless you can charm your way past the bouncers, and you’ll have to earn celebrity status, which this expansion introduces into The Sims 3, before you’re allowed into the more exclusive places.

Your Sims will be dazzled by celebrities and will want to become one too. Celebrities are ranked from one to five stars and it can be difficult to find favour with them if you’re of too lowly status and they are a high-ranked celebrity.  Initially you’ll only be able to ask for their autograph but with persistence and by impressing them you might be able to get into a close relationship with them. Your Sim can even become a celebrity and earn a variety of perks and respect from other Sims. Of course the price of fame can be the loss of privacy with reporters watching your Sim’s every move.

When creating a Sim you’ll have access to various body sliders that allow you to truly customise their physique. You can now alter muscle definition, the amount of fat on your Sim (and you can make them really huge) and on the ladies you can even alter the breast size if you wish. You’ll also get to place tattoos on their back, chest, arms and ankles if you want. It’s not a major addition but it certainly helps to give your Sim a more customised look and that has to be something that fans of the series will truly appreciate.

Should you fancy a different experience, you can even have your Sim become a vampire. Being a vampire basically means your Sim will be out on the town late at night looking to satisfy their ‘Thirst’ need which replaces the ‘Hunger’ need that normal Sims have. They can offer to ‘turn’ other Sims into a vampire, recruit new blood so to speak. Vampires have their own special abilities and skills but as they can’t go out in the daytime it’s difficult for them to pursue the main careers in the game. Still their inclusion certainly gives you an alternate way of playing the game.

The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack is certainly a worthy expansion pack and fans of The Sims 3 will certainly enjoy what it has to offer. The additions and changes it makes to the core experience of The Sims 3 will certainly add longevity to the game and offer up new ways of playing. In regards to the visual quality of the game there are no real changes meaning the game still looks good but it’s still something of a resource hog. The support for deaf gamers remains the same as for The Sims 3 and as a result it won’t cause deaf gamers any real problems. The Sims 3 expansions are coming thick and fast and it’s easy to be a little cynical but who can argue when they are of this quality.

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