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The Sly Trilogy PlayStation 3

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by: Sanzaru Games

Probably the most interesting title to take advantage of the PlayStation Move controller at the time of writing is The Sly Trilogy which is comprised of the three Sly Raccoon titles that appeared on the PlayStation 2. Actually I should point out that the only support in the game for the PlayStation Move is in the four additional mini-games that have been added. The three games all require either a Sixaxis or Dualshock controller to play.

The Sly Trilogy includes Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. We won't go into details about the games here but you can click the names of the games in the previous sentence to read our reviews. Suffice to say the games were very enjoyable and easily some of the best games on the PlayStation 2. However, they weren't as deaf gamer friendly as they could have been and there were times when the ability to hear was essential making the games far from ideal for deaf gamers.

The only new content here is the inclusion of four mini-games and trophy support for each of the games. To play the mini-games you'll need to own a PlayStation Move controller. The mini-games aren't anything to get excited about and certainly aren't worth purchasing the game for if you already own all three titles on the PlayStation 2. They do provide support for up to four players however but that's about the only good thing you can say about them. The addition of trophy support is nice but it's not much of a bonus for deaf gamers if the deaf gamer friendliness of the titles hasn't been improved.

Visually speaking these games are no better on an HDTV than the original releases were on a standard definition TV. The graphics have increased in resolution to enable them to look respectable on your HDTV but that's really about all that you can say. The cel-shaded nature of the graphics means the look of the games has aged well and it's not particularly obvious that what you are playing here is a PlayStation 2 game at heart.

As enjoyable as the Sly Raccoon games were on the PlayStation 2, there were problems for deaf gamers. With the trilogy being rereleased in this collection it would have been great if those areas of the game that hadn't been subtitled the first time around had been subtitled to make it a better experience for deaf gamers (and more reason to warrant a re-purchase of course). Sadly it's a golden opportunity that's gone begging. The problems from the initial releases of the games still persist here (the cut scenes that carry the storyline, for instance, are not subtitled in either game and there are times when the ability to hear is essential) and that's a crying shame.

Time has been kind to the Sly Raccoon games and they are still as enjoyable today as when there were first released on the PlayStation 2. If you haven't played these games before and fancy the idea of a stealthy platform game with plenty of charm then The Sly Trilogy is well worth the asking price. However, it's a shame the games haven't been made deaf gamer friendly and if you have already played the games on the PlayStation 2 there's no real point in a re-purchase unless you simply have to play the new mini-games with the PlayStation Move controller.

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