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Puzzle Agent 2 PC

Published by: Telltale Games
Developed by: Telltale Games

If you've played Puzzle Agent you'll be fully aware that the game didn't come to a satisfactory finish and as you'll soon find out in Puzzle Agent 2, the storyline was by no means at an end. In fact as Puzzle Agent 2 begins to unravel its storyline, more questions begin to arise and some will make you look at events from the first game in a slightly different light. It stands to reason then, that whilst you won't need to have played Puzzle Agent to enjoy Puzzle Agent 2, it's going to make a lot more sense if you have.

With the case at Scoggins Minnesota officially over, you'd think that FBI Agent Nelson Tethers would put his mind to something else but he's not satisfied with how it all turned out. Isaac Davner is still missing and there are still questions left unanswered. In short Agent Tethers takes some leave and decides to head back to Scoggins to investigate a little more. On arriving he finds that hardly any of the locals are pleased to see him and it's obvious that things are far from being sorted out with even more people having gone missing.

In some respects Puzzle Agent 2 falls short of being as good as the first Puzzle Agent game. There seems less variety in the puzzles and you'll find many puzzles are simply variations on a theme of what you've already experienced in the first game. I also found the majority of the puzzles in Puzzle Agent 2 to be much easier to figure out than they were in the first game. There are a couple which might initially leave you stumped but even these aren't as complicated as you might first think. Hints for the puzzles are still available and you'll still need to collect gum to gain the ability to use hints, but you won't find yourself in need of too many hints this time around.

As you're returning to Scoggins it's no surprise that you're going to revisit many of the same locations within the town. You will get to visit some new locations but there's not nearly enough here to help you avoid the feeling that much of the assets from the first game have simply been recycled. That's not to say that there aren't any new characters to meet in Scoggins on this second visit however. There's the alluring and slightly disturbing Korka who Agent Tethers really takes a shine to and a researcher, named Alfred who rather comically uses a dictating machine just like Tethers. More could have been done with these characters, particularly Korka and the fact that they aren't in the game for long seems a bit of a waste.

Minor disappointments aside, I was really enjoying Puzzle Agent 2 until it became obvious, after only a few hours of play, that the game was drawing to a rather disappointing close. The length of the game is just too short and the way the whole thing wraps up could have been so much better. Some explanations seemed a little vague and it was only after the credits had rolled and I accessed the journal did some things make a little more sense. This time around the events in Scoggins definitely seem to have been wrapped up but I'm hoping that any future Puzzle Agent titles are nowhere near so brief and do a much better job with the storytelling.

The presentation of Puzzle Agent 2 is exactly the same as it was for the first game in the series. The game retains the 2D, Graham Annable flavoured visuals that served the first game so well and they are just as effective here. The game is absolutely fine for deaf gamers. All dialogue is subtitled and none of the puzzles rely on the ability to hear. There's also an in-game journal that allows you to go over events that have occurred in the game should you have not played for a while. The journal also includes a recap of the events from the first game. In short, Puzzle Agent 2 is both charming to look at and accessible which is certainly good news.

Given that Puzzle Agent didn't wrap up the Scoggins mystery in a satisfactory manner, it's great that Puzzle Agent 2 manages to tie up most of the loose ends. However, Puzzle Agent 2 isn't as satisfying as the original game and that is a little disappointing. Whilst the Scoggins mystery may be wrapped up it would certainly be a shame if we didn't see more of Agent Tethers but here's hoping that any future adventures can be longer, have a better storyline and have a greater variety of puzzles because there is a lot to like about the Puzzle Agent series.

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