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Resistance 3 PlayStation 3

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Developed by Insomniac Games

There can be no denying that Resistance: Fall of Man was an impressive launch title for the PlayStation 3. Not only was it a quality FPS experience but it also was a shining example of what the PlayStation 3 was capable of. The game allowed online gaming for forty players, a rock solid frame rate and visuals that equalled anything seen on a console at the time. It also offered a storyline that was capable of holding your attention over not just one but three games. In fact you could argue that the game didn't do a lot wrong. It was also followed by a worthy sequel, Resistance 2. The sequel didn't impress as much as the first game but was still very enjoyable although events definitely took a turn for the worse for the humans.  Resistance 3 doesn't bring complete closure to the storyline but it does manage to be the best game in the series so far.

In resistance 3 you'll play as Joseph Capelli, the man who killed Hale after it looked as though he was finally succumbing to the Chimeran infection. The game begins in Haven, Oklahoma. Capelli and a small gathering of survivors are just about surviving in an underground base but they are under constant threat of a Chimeran attack. It's not long before that attack comes and the result is brutal. A Doctor Malikov is convinced he's found a way to stop the Chimera and needs to get to New York City in order to deactivate a tower that he believes is essential for the Chimera. Malikov needs assistance to get to the tower and wants Joseph to lead him there but he's reluctant to have anything to do with the doctor. However, with humanity being all but crushed, some of his friends killed by the Chimera and his wife making it clear that his sick son can't endure their desperate way of living for much longer, Joseph is convinced that it's better for all concerned if he assists the doctor in his attempt to stop the Chimera.

As a single-player experience, Resistance 3 gets a lot of things right. The action is intense, the weapons are satisfactory, environments look good and offer a pleasing amount of variety and the enemy AI is good enough to keep things interesting from start to finish. The storyline has enough twists and turns to prevent things from ever becoming predictable and as a result you're left with the desire to keep on playing to see what happens next which can only be a good thing. If there's one criticism to be made of the single-player game it's that some of the storyline can only be acquired from the logs and other pieces of information that are scattered around. Given the nature of the events in the game it's more than possible you'll miss some of these and that you'll miss out on some elements of the storyline on your first time through the game.

Previous Resistance games have had a strong multiplayer element and the same can be said for Resistance 3. However, some may be disappointed by some of the changes that have been made. The biggest difference in Resistance 3 is support for only 16 players (the co-op mode is just for two players this time around) whereas previous games in the series have supported much bigger numbers. Resistance 3 is another in an increasingly long list of FPS games to offer a perk system and the levelling up of both your character and weapon upgrades will ensure that you'll come back for more. It's just a shame that more developers don't take risks when it comes to the multiplayer elements in their games and give us an experience we haven't had before rather than one that feels as though it's been around for years. That's not to say that the multiplayer experience here isn't good because it is but it just doesn't feel that original.

The sheer variety of weapons in Resistance 3 is impressive. Well into the later stages of the game you're acquiring different weapons that help give you additional options in your fight against the Chimera. The main new weapon this time around is the Mutator which causes your enemies to grow big puss spots and eventually explode.  Other great weapons in the game include the Augur, Deadeye, Bullseye and the Atomizer. Weapons have both a primary and a secondary fire and level up with continual use. You can also acquire specialist ammo for the weapons to make the combat even more interesting.

If you own a PlayStation Move controller you'll be happy to learn that Resistance 3 includes support for it. The Move controller works quite well and will definitely be preferred by those who don't like an FPS with a conventional controller. From a personal point of view I preferred to remain with the standard Dualshock but I was happy using either control method.

Graphically speaking, Resistance 3 isn't quite as impressive as Killzone 3 but that's understandable seeing as you're usually in more expansive environments here and in fairness to Resistance 3 it's still a fine looking game and an improvement on the first two games in the series. The lighting effects in the game are very impressive and really add a level of richness to the game's bleak ambience. From a performance perspective the game also impresses and the frame rate remains smooth even when the action is at its most hectic and giant enemies are filling the screen. The game also supports stereoscopic 3D for those who are fortunate enough to have access to such TV sets.

Resistance 3 is subtitled but you'll have to take care to enable them before playing. All of the conversations in the game are subtitled (including ones that are broadcast over the radio station that you'll hear from time to time in the game) and the speaker's name is displayed in order to make it clear who is speaking. The audio logs you'll find in the game are all subtitled. Objectives are shown in text and are displayed on the top right of the screen. The objectives can also be recalled at any time by pressing the start button. You'll also notice an indicator that points you in the general direction of your next objective. The game's tutorial messages are all in text and these are particularly useful when you acquire new weapons as they explain the primary and secondary abilities of each weapon. You'll see icons shown when explosives are thrown in your general direction but there aren't any captions in the game. Thankfully this doesn't cause too much of a problem although it would have been great to have been fully aware of enemies who were out of sight but audible.

Resistance 3 is one of the best PlayStation 3 games you'll play this year and is highly recommended to all fans of the FPS genre. Some may be a little disappointed that the storyline doesn't feel fully concluded but there's no denying that Resistance 3 offers a quality single-player experience. Some of the changes to the multiplayer game might disappoint those who were looking for some innovation and who prefer to have a higher number of players involved but on the whole it's still a solid experience. The range of weapons and their uniqueness is really something special and I would go as far to say that it has to be the most impressive range of weapons I've seen in an FPS title. Obviously 2011 still has a few months to go but at the moment I would class Resistance 3 as being the most memorable FPS on the PlayStation 3 this year.

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