About Us

At Deaf Gamers the way we review the software is a little different as it’s from the perspective of a person who can’t rely on the ability to hear. Text/visual feedback is a key issue for a deaf person and many has the occasion been when a deaf games player has purchased a game only to find no visual feedback or very little of it (this can ruin the game for them). As you will know, conventional game reviews usually don’t provide this info and the deaf gamer is left guessing. This is where Deaf Gamers comes in and tries to redress the balance.

Occasionally a game that has been rated as a classic by magazines and the gaming websites will get a poor rating from Deaf Gamers. This is purely based on the fact that the game does nothing to cater for the deaf gamer. If you happen to be a hearing person then you should really ignore the comments that cater specifically for deaf gamers and concentrate on the rest of the review.

From late 2010 we no longer put a numerical score on our reviews as numbered ratings are often misinterpreted with many people thinking a game isn’t any good if it’s below 8/10 which simply isn’t the case. Instead we’ve chosen to use words that more precisely give you an idea of how we feel about a game. You can find more on this by clicking here. You may also want to check out our DGC page (here) to find out exactly what those letters mean that you’ll find at the end of every review we’ve done since 2005.

Please email us with your opinions of our reviews. If you have the inclination to write a review yourself as a deaf or hard of hearing gamer we would love you to send us your review and we will post it on the site. Many thanks for your time and please let us know if you think Deaf Gamers has got something wrong, only by doing this can we truly make it a site for deaf gamers.