Euro Loco – Train Sim Pack

Published by Just Trains
Developed by Chris Longhurst/ChrisTrains
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Price £24.99
Released: Out Now

Today we will look at some European locomotives. This expansion pack, as the name suggests concentrates on some of the finest European locomotives on the continent. There’s locomotives from Britain, Germany, France, Holland and Italy. The full list of locomotives included in Euro Loco are as follows:

TGV Duplex
NS Regiorunner
TGV 325 World record locomotive

Class 43 HST125
DB v100.213
NS Class 2200

Basically what we have in this expansion pack is some of the best high performance passenger locomotives in the world. Once again the quality of all these locomotives is nothing short of excellent. My favourite diesel locomotive, the Class 43 HST125, or as I know it the Intercity 125, looks superb and I would buy the Euro Loco for this locomotive alone.

The cabs have all been lovingly recreated and the manual shows you, by use of screenshots and labels, what is what in each cab. It was a pleasure to use some of these ultramodern cabs after some of the dreary ones that come included with Microsoft Train Simulator. The manual explains that the European electric locomotives have had their pantograph height altered to 5.8m as this is what the Internet Train Simulator community has decided best represents the current European standards. In other words if you download a European route from an established Train Simulator website then, from an external view, it will look correct.

Yet again there are no problems for the deaf gamer with this expansion pack. For some reason though when you pressed the horn the sound caption didn’t come up with any of these locomotives like it does with the original Train Simulator locomotives and indeed with those from American Classics. Instead what happens is that the tooltip appears to say horn(on). This isn’t a problem but strange nevertheless. Once again the manual does a bang up job and tells you everything you need to know. Euro Loco has different freight cars etc. and these are useful for creating your own consists (a combination of engines and rolling stock) for custom activities etc. The manual fully explains how to create your own consist with detailed step-by-step instruction.

After the feature rich American Classics it is a shame to find that there aren’t any activities included with Euro Loco. However Euro Loco is about providing you with the cream of the European locomotives for Train Simulator and it does this admirably. It is a bit strange to see the absence of the Channel Tunnel route in this pack, after all we now have the locomotives. However, Just Trains have this route covered in another expansion pack that we shall be looking at very shortly.

Overall Game Rating: 8.8/10 It promises some of the finest European locomotives for Train Simulator and fully delivers upon that promise. Some activities would have been nice but this is still an excellent expansion pack.

Deaf Gamers comment: No problems here for deaf gamers. A bit strange that the horn caption is missing with this expansion though.